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Diploma Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition
Anamika is a self motivated, confident Nutritionist / Dietitian with 23 years of experience in assessing the patient's nutritional & emotional needs.Her areas of interest and expertise are Weight loss,Weight Gain,PCOS-PCOD,Thyroid,Diabetes,Heart disease,High Cholesterol,Anaemia,Gastrointestinal disturbances,cancer ,stress management ,Hormonal Disorder etc. She has completed both her B.Sc. & Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition from Delhi University. Providing individual & group education regarding Diet & Nutrition in various schools, corporates & different sectors.Believes in giving quick and long term results without applying major changes in lifestyle so that people are able to follow with comfort and ease . Main aim is to guide, educate & motivate them for a healthy life ahead by "STYLING THEIR LIFESTYLE.!