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Pranali Bhatt
4 years of experience
₹ 490
Pranali Bhatt
Speaks English
Pranali is a practicing Physiotherapist in Bangalore with an overall experience of more than 4 years in various hospitals and clinics. She completed her Bachelor's in Physiotherapy and later Master's in Physiotherapy with a specialization in Rehabilitation from SBB,GU, Ahmedabad and then widened her horizons by working on various conditions and Injuries. She is skilled with various modern techniques and makes a goal-oriented protocol for better results. She has published papers on Women's health, Pain Management and Geriatric Rehabilitation. Her treatment plans are very precise with favourable outcomes. Her hobbies are Dancing,Painting and Cooking. She believes in meditation for mental well being. Area of expertise: Certified Pain Management Therapist, Neurodynamic Solutions, Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Release Techniques, Muscle Energy Technique,Taping, Shoulder and Cervical Joint Pain Management, McKenzie Overview (Cervical,Lumbar and Knee), Dry Needling, Cupping and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy. She is a certified Antenatal Educator and PostNatal Rehab Trainer. She has successfully treated many cases of Orthopedic (Fractures and Nontraumatic Cases) and Rhuematology (Rhuematoid Arthritis, SLE, Ankylosing Spondolysis) Conditions, Neurological Disorders (Stroke, Parkinsonism, Head Injury,Multiple Sclerosis, GBS and Spinal Cord injury), Post Operative Management for Reconstruction Surgeries (ACL, Meniscus, Bursitis, Degenerative Joint, Laminectomy and PIVD) and Pediatrics (Cerebral Palsy, Dystrophy, Autism and Downs Syndrome) She is giving trimester wise Exercise training Plan to Pregnant females to prevent pain and maintain muscle property for a long term management. She is working on Lymphatic Rehabilitation(Mastectomy,Hysterectomy,Head and Neck Surgeries) where she focus on improving quality of life and training lymph nodes for proper drainage.
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