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Annie Mattilda R
8 years of experience
MSc. Food Science & Nutrition
Speaks English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil
Specializes in Renal, Women Health, Lifestyle / Metabolic Disorders, Pediatric
Annie is graduated and mastered from University of Mysore with hands- on knowledge on Food Science and Nutrition. She was honored with 2 gold medals in her Bachelor's from University of Mysore. She has over 8 years of experience working with a reputed multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore. She implies her exceptional skills and is expertise in every session to make it achievable for any individual. She has intricate knowledge and worked exclusively for over 3 years in Pediatric nephrology. Has put in great work in the field of research for studies like ISCOLE (The International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment), Body composition study with IAEA, PEM (Protein Energy Malnutrition) study in children with kidney diseases and has been the only Indian Nutritionist to contribute for the Delphi Survey for clinical practice recommendations for children with CKD. She also have some renowned courses in her bucket like 'Advanced course in renal nutrition and metabolism' and 'Health research Workshop'. Apart from this she has good clinical experience under all metabolic disorders and management of its complications, auto immune disorders, renal complications, children with type 1 diabetes, underweight, epilepsy and burns management. Her recent work has been published under one chapter by Academy of Medical Speciality (AMA) a speciality wing of IMA in book titled "Perspectives in Diabetes - Past, Present and Future". Annie goes a step ahead to make interesting and personalized diet plans. She strongly believes that eating is for satisfying one's soul, and eating right can only benefit it more!!! She follows the principle of local eating and practical workout sessions for a healthy balanced life