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Christina Dafny S
3 years of experience
M.Sc Food and Nutrition
Speaks English, Tamil
Specializes in Lifestyle / Metabolic Disorders, Women Health, Gastrointestinal, Cardiac
Christina Dafny S M.Sc Food and Nutrition Christina Dafny is a Qualified Nutritionist and Diet Counsellor with 3 years of experience. She has a rich knowledge in handling clients with all the health problems like Obesity, Diabetics, Hypertension, Gastrointestinal problem, Thyroid, PCOD, Cardiovascular diease and other medical issues.She is also specialised in providing customized, simple and easy healthy diet plans for all age groups, counsels for Weight Management such as weight loss and weight gain and Sports Nutrition. She has practised in various Medical fields, a good listener, motivator and a supporter who will help you in achieving your goal in a right way to improve your quality of life. By modifying your dietary pattern scientifically along with life style changes, you can make your life happy and healthy.