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M.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics
Tulika is a Nutritionist and a Lifestyle coach, She believes in eating clean food and also believes in Portion control , one cant stay on a healthy diet forever but one healthy lifestyle change must help change your disease generation. She has been Practising since 2015 in multiple domains as a nutritionist, content writer , field of education and online lifetsyle coach and hold experience in writing blogs and redeveloping recipes . She has worked in as a Nutrition faculty and educated in varied fields of Nutrition and Diet. She help people to get healed by natural remedies and by practising diets and lifestyle changes. She holds experience in reversing denegerative and lifestyle disorders like Pcod, diabetes mellitus, thyroid, blood pressure, heart disease etc. Serious health condition diets and natural therapy is provided like kidney stones, kidney disease, liver malfunction etc. She help treat infertility by changing food habits and moving one good step towards healthy lifestyle.