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M.Sc in Dietetics and Food Service Management
Vanitha has 14 years of a diverse professional background ranging from inpatient/outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy and food service, to wellness coaching, human performance, public speaking, and private practice. Her passion is to help people enhance their lifestyle through nutrition and wellness. As we all know Nutrition is the science or study of proper,balanced diet to promote health. she believes that you should not just see the results; you should feel the change that encompasses your whole life through sustainable lifestyle changes. Healthy foods are not boring...they can be easy to prepare, taste great, and have amazing therapeutic benefits! Further with the interest of exploring different facets in Nutrition and Health I have worked with leading fitness centers also. She provides customized onlinediet plans forType 1 DM, Type 2 DM,Gestational Diabetes, Weight Loss, Controlling obesity,Pcos, Hypothyroid, stress,beauty/skin glowand othertherapeutic disorders . To add to the above, she also take the pride in handling a dozen of clients who were guided Pre Post Bariatric surgery for a healthy weight loss, without developing any deficiencies and bringing in great changes in their life and help them achieve the goals they wanted too. Awareness is Knowledge and a way to Eat Healthy Stay Fit"