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M.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Voomika Goswami M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics | Holistic Health & Wellness Coach | NLP Language : English, Hindi Expertise : Diabetes, Migraine, PCOD, Weight loss management, Insomnia. Voomika Goswami, a vibrant Senior Expert Nutritionist Coach with highly effective at anticipating and accommodating client requirements. Friendly, punctual and enthusiastic coach. Offering 7 years of experience in the Health & Fitness environment. She has experience in handling critical cases like PCOD, weight gain, muscle building clients, NRI clients, therapeutic clients, lifestyle disorders like diabetes, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, weight management, and many other health related clients along with a balanced and healthy lifestyle management. Commended for multitasking abilities and providing top-notch service to the customers. She is certified with M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics along with Weight Loss Coach, Health & Nutrition Life Coach, Mind Coach, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach, NLP, REBT + CBT, PRT, TQM. She is a speaker especially on UGC level and a health blogger and has written few National journals too. She prefers to keep the diet plans feasible but very effective along with regular activity to lead a balanced lifestyle and believes in easy compliance with full motivation and results.