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Trichologist Consultation
Trichologist Consultation in undefined


Trichologists specialize in diagnosing and treating issues related to hair loss and scalp health. Our trichologists can help treat hair loss, alopecia, hair thinning, alopecia, hairfall, itchy/flaky scalp and more.

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Sahana Srihari
10 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), FRGUHS Pediatric Dermatology
Phoenix Speciality Clinic
Next available at 07:00 AM
Jaidev Yadav N C
15 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy)
Dr Jaidev's Clinic
Next available at 07:30 AM
Swarnalatha Nelaturi
10 years exp | MBBS, DDVL
Dr. Swarnalatha Nelaturi's Clinic
Next available at 11:15 AM
Sandhya Suvarna
16 years exp | MBBS, DDVL
Dr. Sandhya Suvarna's Clinic
Next available at 11:00 AM
Priya Vernekar
8 years exp | MBBS, MD (DVL)
Dr. Priya Vernekar's Clinic
Next available at 11:00 AM
Vani Yepuri
13 years exp | MBBS, DDVL, FRGUHS in Aesthetic Medicine
Ridhi's Clinic Skin Hair & Cosmetology Center
Next available at 01:30 PM
Nazima Ruby Sheriff
28 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), Leprology & STD
Radiant Skin Clinic
Next available at 07:30 PM
Senthil Sivaprakasam
10 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
Radiance Skin And Hair Care
Next available at 11:30 AM
Dr. Ashwini M Shetty
14 years exp | MBBS, Md (DVL)
Next available 09 May
Khayati Singla
9 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), IADVL Observership In Lasers And Aesthetics
Dr Khayati Singla's Clinic
Next available at 10:30 AM
Satish Bhatia
24 years exp | MBBS, MD
Next available at 09:00 AM
Sachin Varma
22 years exp | MBBS, MD, FAAD, Fellow of International Society of Dermatology, International League of Dermatology Scholars
Skinvita Clinic
Next available at 09:00 AM
Sanchit Talwar
10 years exp | MBBS, MD (Skin, VD & Leprosy)
Dr.Talwar's Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic
Next available at 10:45 AM
Latika Arya
22 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
L A Skin & Aesthetic Clinic
Next available at 10:30 AM
Rachna Jagia
19 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), DNB (Dermatology), DAAAM (Laser & Aesthetics) USA
Skin Smart Clinic Delhi and Venkateshwar Hospital Delhi
Next available at 09:00 AM
Meenu Sethi
14 years exp | MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
Skyn Stories by Dr. Meenu Sethi
Next available at 10:00 AM
Ashish Amrani
8 years exp | MBBS, MD, DNB (Dermatology), MRCP, SCE (Dermatology)
Dr Ashish Amrani's Clinic
Next available at 11:00 AM
Khyati D Patel
15 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatologist & Cosmetologist) - Goldmedalist
Angel Skin Hair Laser Clinic - Ahmedabad
Next available at 11:45 AM
Manveen kaur
29 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
Dr Kaurs Skin and Cosmetic clinic
Next available at 03:00 PM
Tumen Sidhu
23 years exp | MBBS, DPD Cardiff University (UK), Fellowship in Laser & Advanced Dematosurgery (NSC Singapore), Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine
Dr Tumen Sidhu's Clinic
Next available at 10:00 AM
Jitender Taneja
5 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), DNB (Dermatology), MNAMS (Dermatology)
Dr Taneja Skin Hair and Laser Clinic
Next available at 09:00 AM
Kanya Rani Vashisht
8 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology and Venereology), Fellowship in IADVL (Aesthetics & Lasers)
Kare Partners Hospital
Next available at 03:30 PM
Archit Aggarwal
7 years exp | MBBS, MD (Dermatology), Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine
KDC Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic
Next available at 09:00 AM
Pradeep Kumari
18 years exp | MBBS , DNB, FCPS, DDV ( Dermatology)
Asia Institute of hair transplant, skin & surgery International
Next available at 10:30 AM
Mithra Rangapriya D
8 years exp | MBBS MD (DVL) FRGUHS (DermatoSurgery)
Dr. Mithra Rangapriya D's Clinic
Next available at 09:30 AM

Why and when should I consult a Trichologist?

Trichologists specialize in diagnosing and treating issues related to hair loss and scalp health. Our Trichologist can help treat hair loss, alopecia, hair thinning, hair fall, itchy/flaky scalp and more. Some of the other conditions are Dandruff: Its a common scalp condition in which flakes of skin appears accompanied by itching. Symptoms of this condition include itchy scalp, skin flakes on sc ... alp, hair, eyebrows, beard, and shoulders. In infants, scaly and crusty scalp with cradle cap appears. Only a good hair fall doctor will be able to diagnose and treat this condition effectively. Hair Loss: Also known as alopecia, it affects the scalp or full body. Hair loss can be caused by any medical condition, hormonal changes or hereditary. Symptoms include thinning of the scalp with age, patchy or circular bald spots on the head, sudden hair loss, full-body hair loss, patches of scaling that spreads on the scalp. Your find for a hair doctor near me ends at carefit. Split Ends: It is a condition when your hair splinters and becomes dry, brittle and frayed. The symptoms of split ends include tangled hair, visually seen splits at the end of the hair, dry ends, thin and broken strands of hair, lack of hair growth. No need to look for a Trichologist near me, just connect with carefit. Breakage: It is a condition in which hair shaft breaks and strands become shorter. Common causes of hair breakage are stress, diet, lack of moisture, over brushing and excess use of hair products. The common symptoms are split ends, hair falls out, tangled hair, extreme dryness, rough and brittle hair. Thinning Hair: It is a minor to moderate hair loss condition that doesnt cause baldness though. Symptoms of thinning hair are gradual thinning on top of the head, circular bald spots, and sudden hair loss. Diffuse Hair Loss: This occurs when there is hair shed across the scalp by telogen effluvium. The symptoms are clumps of hair fall on the brush, or while taking head bath. 30-50% hair loss on the scalp causing diffuse thinning. Patchy Hair Loss: This is an autoimmune skin disorder causing hair loss in patches. The main symptom is coin-sized hair fall from the scalps that happens suddenly and slow hair growth on eyelashes and beard. Receding Hairline: It is the preliminary step of going bald. The symptom appears as an uneven receding hairline which later on develops into M shape on top or back of the head followed by hair loss leaving a bald spot.


What are the conditions that our Trichologists can treat?

Alopecia: In this condition, hair is lost in some or more areas of the body resulting in coin-sized bald spots on the scalp. It is also known as spot baldness. Even though people are healthy they experience psychological stress. Hair Fall: It is either a temporary or permanent condition resulting from a hereditary, underlying medical condition, hormonal changes, or as a part of ageing. It mainly ... affects men. Baldness: It is a condition of absence of hair or hair loss noticeable on the scalp. This can be treated with the help of a Trichologist. Flaky Scalp: It is a common issue caused by itchiness and dryness of scalp which is also known as seborrheic dermatitis. This leads to frustration in the sufferers. You will observe dandruff, red rashes, or scaly patch in this condition. Lichen Planus: This condition causes swelling and irritation in the skin, nail, hair, and mucous membrane. It appears purplish, itchy, flat bumps on the skin when the immune system attacks the cells on the skin.

How it Works

What can I expect in an Online Video Consultation with a Trichologist?

Once you have made the wise decision of consulting with one of our top specialists, you no longer have to go searching for Trichologist near me. Instead, you can- -Book an appointment with the doctor of your choice from our app or website. -Share your medical reports or records with your doctor to help them understand your case beforehand. -Before the day of consultation, note down all your ... symptoms and any questions that you may have to make the best use of the time given. -During the consultation, the doctor will do a thorough investigation. and recommend the best way forward


What are the benefits of doing an Online Trichology Consultation?

Best Doctors: Connect with the Best Trichologist in the country to get accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment options for your condition No wait time: You do not have to worry about waiting in line at a doctors clinic as the consultation starts exactly at the time chosen by you. Digital records: All your prescriptions from the doctor and medical records are digitized which gives yo ... u the convenience of accessing it from just about anywhere and at any time. Free follow up session: Get a free follow-up within 8 days of your consultation. Convenience: Our objective at carefit is to facilitate best services in a hassle-free manner. You can pick the time slot as per your convenience and get the consultation from doctors at the comfort of your home. After successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email id with a link for Online Trichologist. We have Female Specialists too for women who prefer to be seen by a lady doctor.

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