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Video/Audio call super-specialists for your family
Consult over Video/Audio with top surgeons
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Nutrition Consultation
Get in Shape or Stay in Shape with personalised meal plans from our healthcare experts ₹599
Consultation time60 Mins Session
Ayurveda Consultation
Natural and holistic healing with Ayurvedic experts ₹450
Consultation time20 Mins Session
Therapy Consultation
Experts who help solve emotional problems ₹699
Consultation time50 Mins Session

6 Questions

  • How can I pick a particular doctor while booking my consultation appointment?
  • All our doctors are equally skilled and are experts in family & internal medicine. They are capable of handling all medical conditions and will guide you to the right specialist, if need be. While we do not let you select a specific doctor at the time of booking, we will display information about the appointed doctor after you have booked your appointment.
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  • How do I share additional information/reports with my doctor before the consultation?
  • You can message your care provider to share any relevant info or ask any question/clarification. You can share any image, prescription or test report even before you begin your consultation. To do this Go to the Home tab and head to the day your appointment is scheduled Tap the 3 dots and hit message OR you can tap the appointment and hit the message button
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  • How can I reschedule my doctor consultation appointment?
  • Easy! The appointment can be rescheduled anytime before your slot begins.    To reschedule, follow these simple steps:  - Head to the 'Consultation' tab under care.fit section on the app  - Go to the blue coloured card under 'Your Consultations'  - Click on manage and then reschedule.
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  • How can I cancel my doctor consultation appointment?
  • Cancellation is allowed only 30 min prior to the appointment start time   To cancel, follow these simple steps:  - Head to the 'Consultation' tab under care.fit section on the app - Go to the blue coloured card under 'Your Consultations' - Click on manage and then cancel.
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  • How many free follow ups do I get?/ Unable to book a free follow up
  • You get one free follow up with every consultation. You need to avail of your free follow -up within 8 days from your first consultation. To book, follow these simple steps:  - Head to the 'Consultation' tab under care.fit section on the app.  - Go to the blue coloured card under 'Your Consultations'  - Click on manage and then schedule.
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  • I may be late, will my appointment will be cancelled?
  • The doctor will wait 7 mins once your consultation time starts. After which, the slot will be auto-cancelled. However, you can reschedule it either via the app or via the concierge at the center.
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    What is online doctor consultation?

    Online doctor consultation or ‘telemedicine’ is the provision of clinical services like appointment, diagnosis, treatment, prescription, and follow-ups using communication technology. You do away with the need of visiting the hospital or the doctor’s office and access healthcare through video, chat, call, phone, or email. Online healthcare services started during the early 2000s and given factors like the penetration of technology, people becoming more cognizant of their health, and wanting to save time that would have otherwise been lost waiting and travelling, it has only seen an upward growth. Online doctor consultation has significantly contributed to improving health outcomes for people and is beneficial for not only the patient but for the doctor also. You can now consult doctor online through the Cure.fit website or mobile application. It has never been simpler or seamless before to get a quick and easy medical consultation. We serve as a conduit between people looking for healthcare services and the country’s most credible and trusted hospital chains and practitioners to prioritize healthcare and making it accessible and affordable. It is a great way to reach patients who live in rural areas or who may not be able to access healthcare for any reason.

    How to Consult a Doctor Online?

    The process of online medical consultation is extremely simple and accelerates the time within which you receive medical support from seeking an appointment to getting a treatment. Once you decide to consult doctor online, you just need to follow these simple steps: Digitize your medical reports and records to share them before you consult doctor online. Book an appointment for online medical consultation with the doctor of your choice depending on the condition or symptoms that you are experiencing. You can do this via our website or by downloading our mobile application and reach our to the top specialists in the country. Pay for your online doctor consultation after which you will receive the confirmation for your appointment. Share your reports with the doctor to help them understand your case in detail before your appointment day. Before your appointment, jot down all the symptoms and questions that you may have. This is done to avoid missing out on any important points and to make the best use of the time allotted to you. During your chat with a doctor, she/he will do a comprehensive investigation of your case and recommend the best line of treatment and the follow-up date, if required.

    Which doctor specialities are available for an online consultation?

    You can connect and consult doctors online across 20 + specialities spread over a range of health concerns over voice & video calls and chat at Cure.fit. These include: Specialists: Internal/ family medicine Gynaecologist Orthopaedist Dermatologist (Skin Specialist) ENT (Ear Nose Throat) Sexologist Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) Paediatric (Child Specialist) Urologist Dentist Trichologist (Hair Specialist) Physiotherapist Psychiatrist Super-specialists: Endocrinologist Gastroenterologist Pulmonologist Neurologist Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) Rheumatologist Nephrologist Oncologist Surgeons: General surgeon Gastro surgeon Plastic surgeon Surgical oncologist (Cancer Surgeon) Neurosurgeon Other experts and consultants available on our platform: Nutritionist/Dietician Ayurveda Doctors Therapists

    What are the benefits of online doctor consultation?

    With virtual access to healthcare becoming a reality through online doctor consultation, getting sound medical care is as easy as making a Skype call! There are several important benefits of online doctor consultation like: Online doctor consultation is available for the treatment of a range of issues that may be common or complex and acute or chronic. In your online doctor consultation, you get access to the country’s best speciality doctors for a personalised diagnosis and get the best possible healthcare advice. You are not limited to a specific clinic or hospital due to geographical boundaries in an online chat with doctor on Cure.fit. You can have an online chat with doctor while managing your schedule. The appointments can be scheduled on a day and time of your choice. You can chat with a doctor 24/7 without having to wait for the clinic or hospital to open the next day. You don’t need to travel for an online chat with doctor. Since the online doctor consultation is done virtually, it saves not only your time but also travel costs. This is especially beneficial for people who have busy schedules or those who have compromised mobility and travelling poses a risk of injuries or falls. Online doctor consultation is a great way to save costs. These include the cost of travel, parking, taking time off work, etc. Since you consult a doctor from the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your home, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. When you are calm and relaxed, your chances of healing faster also increase. Online doctor consultation is a private and secure way to access healthcare. We ensure that not only your payments are transferred securely but your medical history, data, and information are also kept confidential when you consult doctor online. Online doctor consultation saves you from the risk of infections that you would otherwise be exposed to in a clinic. This is one of the most important advantages of doctor video consultation for people who have weak immunities. A doctor video consultation is as good as meeting a doctor in person. You can see her/him and hear their voice that gives you a feeling of the doctor being personally involved in your treatment. With our online doctor consultation services, you can avail of several incentives like one free follow up with every consultation, discounts on consultation fee, easy rescheduling, and cancellations. You learn self-care when you consult doctor online. Since you are the one elucidating your symptoms and explaining your triggers, you get educated about your health by default. The doctor also teaches you how to take care of yourself in between appointments. Timely and personalised access to healthcare through online doctor consultation can help arrest smaller health issues in time before they become larger problems.

    Is a video consultation option available?

    Yes, Cure.fit offers on-demand online doctor consultation services through video calling. This is the perfect way to get a personal assessment without having to visit a clinic or hospital. And it is very easy to use too. You simply need to register yourself on our website or mobile application and create a profile and consult doctor online.

    Cost of online doctor consultation

    The cost of online doctor consultation services starts at a flat Rs. 149. However, it depends on the personalised treatment that you may be advised and the number of consultations that you need to attend.