6 Pack Abs

6 Pack Abs

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

47 Min

Jumping Jacks, Glute Bridges, Plank

Session 2

49 Min

Hamstring Swipes, World's Greatest Stretch, Superman

Session 3

50 Min

Inch Worm, Crunches, Side Plank

Session 4

54 Min

Sprawl, Bird Dog, Single leg V-up

Session 5

55 Min

Jumping Jacks, 2 point high plank, Star Side Plank

Session 6

54 Min

Side to Side Shuffle, Pigeon Pose, Plank Walks

About this pack

Essential workouts for a strong core with a focus on abs muscles. Core exercises strengthen your abs and other core muscles for better balance.


Attack and strengthen your Core and Abdomen

Improve Endurance

Helps tone muscles

6 Pack Abs

Core training is an essential part of any workout plan. It is a necessity and is the perfect way to reduce belly fat and get six-pack abs. Having a strong set of 6 pack abs is honestly everyone’s dream! By working out your core, you can easily achieve that desired chiselled look. Targeted core training can help decrease fat and improve an individuals lifestyle exponentially by allowing them to stand taller, improve balance, move faster and play sports better. This ab and core workout has a series of 6 sessions with each lasting for about an hour. It specifically targets your core and helps tone the abdominal muscles. Each session is guided by cult experts and aims at helping you make six-pack and strengthen your core.

Features of the workout

The workout includes some high-intensity exercises such as plank walks, pigeon pose, side to side shuffle, paired with some simpler ones such as glute bridges, jumping jacks and planks, providing you with the perfect combination of exercises to achieve your six-pack body. It covers all bases of your core muscles, ranging from the abs to the sides, giving you a perfectly balanced workout. It is holistic and efficient, with special emphasis on six pack exercises, You can do these six-pack exercises at home without professional equipment or difficulties. They are perfect and effective for both, women and men. This workout also accelerates weight loss and helps you reach your lean muscle goals faster.

Structure of the workout

The six-pack abs workout is spread across six vigorous and fun sessions that progressively become more difficult. All sessions are guided and have a warm-up phase preceding the workout, commencing it with a Surya Namaskar, and a cooling down session at the end to avoid muscle cramps and reduce sore muscles. Session one - the session stretches over 47 minutes and the exercises are jumping jacks, glute bridges and plank. Session two - the session is 49 minutes long and the exercises included are hamstring swipes, world’s greatest stretch and superman. Session three - the session is 50 minutes long and the exercises are inchworm, crunches and side planks. Session four - the session is 54 minutes long and the exercises included are sprawl, bird dog and single-leg v-up. Session five - the session is 55 minutes long and the exercises are jumping jacks, 2 points high plank and star side plank. Session six - the session is 54 from minutes long and the exercises included are side shuffle, pigeon pose and plank walks.

Benefits of the workout

A strong core helps strengthen your spine and lets you transfer more power to your limbs, which give you a better sense of athletic ability and allow you to perform better on the field, court or ring. It also allows you to lift heavier weights and decreases difficulty in performing bodyweight exercises. It helps boost your balance as a strong core keeps your torso in a stable position, no matter what the activity is. Core workouts also help prevent and control lower back pains along with giving you better posture. It also makes you more agile and enhances your reflexes, while at the same time decreasing and controlling inflammation. Strengthening and toning your core muscles can improve your cardiovascular endurance which helps in regulating weight, they lower blood pressure, aid sleep and increase immunity, among many other health benefits. Working out also has a great effect on an individual’s mental state, making them happier and having a stress-relieving effect. Overall, the work out attacks and strengthens your core and abdomen while improving your endurance and helping tone the muscles.