Fat Burn Advanced II

Fat Burn Advanced II

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

27 Min

Push Ups, Burpees, Plank, Jump Squat

Session 2

27 Min

Hollow Hold, Lateral High Knees, Plank Shoulder Tap

Session 3

26 Min

Pop Squats, Downward Knee to Elbow, Burpees Squat Hold, Lateral Jump

Session 4

25 Min

Mountain Climber , High Knees, Sprawl, Superman, Quick Feet

Session 5

26 Min

Hollow Hold, Plank, Jump Squat, Burpees Squat Hold

Session 6

26 Min

Push Ups

About this pack

This pack features fairly simple excercises that help you get rid of that excess fat. A meticulous mix of movements and programming makes this pack effective.


Helps burn those extra calories

Core and Glute activation present along with strength and cardio

Enhance Cardiovascular endurance