Fat Burn - Advanced

Fat Burn - Advanced

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

25 Min

Two Point Bridge, Single Leg Squat, Lunge Hops, Push Up with Rotation

Session 2

25 Min

Dead Bug, Tuck Jumps, Single Leg Glute Bridge, Elbow Push Ups

Session 3

23 Min

Hollow Hold, High Knees, Sprawl, Plyo Push Ups

Session 4

23 Min

Bird Dogbird Dog, Burpees, Sit ups, Single Leg Squat with Shoulder Abduction

Session 5

23 Min

Donkey Kicks, Push Ups, Side Plank, Lunge Hops

Session 6

23 Min

Hollow Hold, Mountain Climber , Dead Bug, High Knees, Sprawl

About this pack

The movements in this pack have been designed to engage your larger muscles to ensure a greater calorie burn. The movements will activate and engage your core, glutes and upper body. Get ready for some powerful exercises that will help burn that fat!


High Calorie Burn

Strengthen the core and upper body

Enhance Cardiovascular endurance