Get Moving- Intermediate

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

15 minutes

World's Greatest Stretch, Jumping Jacks, Air Squat , Bird Dog Hold

Session 2

15 minutes

Downward to Cobra, Skater Jump, Sumo Squat, Hollow Hold

Session 3

15 minutes

Fire Hydrant, Lateral Jump, Overhead Squat, Side Plank Arm Reach

Session 4

14 minutes

Donkey Kicks, Lateral High Knees, Single Leg Bridges, Single Leg Plank

Session 5

14 minutes

World's Greatest Stretch, Sit ups, Mountain Climber , Alternating Reverse Lunge

Session 6

14 minutes

Bird Dog Hold, Sumo Squat, Side Plank Arm Reach, Pulse Squat and Sprawl

About this pack

Your body has been designed for moving around! This pack has been designed specifically for people who have jobs that require long hours of sitting at the desk. The sessions in this pack are simple, effective and short. They are a progression from the previous 'Get Moving' pack. Let's get going!


Helps make your day more productive

Improve body's range of motion and flexibility

Enhance the stability of your muscles