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Get Your Full Splits

Get Your Full Splits

05 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

52 Min

Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch , Child Pose


Session 2

55 Min

Seated Hamstring Stretch , Lizard stretch


Session 3

54 Min

Inch Worm, Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch , Pigeon Pose


Session 4

57 Min

Seated Hamstring Stretch , Air Squat


Session 5

52 Min

Lunges, Pigeon Pose

About this pack

Workouts focused on improving flexibility of the lower body as well as mobility and balance of the entire body.


Improve mobility and flexibility of the Entire Body

Stretch the Entire Body, especially the Hip Flexor

Increase Endurance and Strengthen Lower Body

Full Splits

Split pose or the full splits is done for several reasons. Many exercisers indulge in this exercise because it gives an excellent stretch to their inner thighs. The quadriceps and the hamstrings get a good stretch and open to allow the body to go into full stretch. It also helps the person become more self-aware, learn the art of perseverance, and patience. Beginners practising this exercise will take some time to get to the advanced level. If they are planning to attempt this exercise, it is better to do under the guidance of a trained instructor to avoid any injury.

Features of Full Splits

Full Splits exercise is done in several ways. Most important of all, it is important to understand that it takes a lot of time to reach the zenith of perfection. Instead of hurrying through it, they must take their time until their body yields to their command, and perfection is achieved. Here are the features of full-body splits packs. Before putting your body to intense work, it is necessary to stretch it well so that there is no muscle injury. It will help release stress and tension in the muscles, gradually making them more pliable. The stretching exercises is a must if attempting full splits. Before going straight to splits, the person also needs to indulge in flexibility exercises. The person who moves well and has a stable body can proceed further with this exercise in no time. Not only flexibility, but the practitioner’s mobility also increases. Young kids can easily do full splits as their bodies are more flexible and listen to their commands. With age, the body becomes stiffer and tighter in the absence of regular exercises. Make your kid learn how to do full splits by checking out exercise with children pack. It takes the kid through a variety of exercises that prepare his body for this intense stretching. Kids can ace the split quicker than adults. Check out the beginners’ exercises that take you through a series of basic to advanced exercises and help your body get primed for a split. Before you are ready for this ultra-stretching exercise, it is imperative to give your body some time so that it reaches the level you are expecting from it. Follow the instructions precisely and get your body ready with these exercises.

Advantages of Full Splits

People indulge in full-body split exercises for various reasons. Here are a few advantages of full splits packs. The major advantage of learning from these packs is that it can be done from the comfort of your home. You have complete flexibility and freedom to choose time and schedule for lower body stretches. The videos are created by highly expert and experienced instructors. These are available in easy to understand and follow instructions. It is easy and simple to follow the lower body stretch routine as per the exercises shown in the video. Regular practice can help the body get a good stretch.

Benefits of Full Body Splits

The lower body flexibility exercises help the person to gain a stronger back and a stable body. If you want to strengthen your lower body, focus on the best lower body stretches, and practice them until you get an expert doing them. Sitting comfortably on a mat and gradually getting on with the lower body static stretches also give your body a lot of stability, and an amazing stretch. These exercises help the person to become more patient, persevere more, and become a self-aware individual. It also strengthens the lower body. It is imperative that the person do not push his body unnecessarily to get the perfect pose. Small but sure steps can help reach a full body split.