Get Your Pistol Squats

Get Your Pistol Squats

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1 - Deep Squat

41 Min

Bird Dog, Malasana, Jumping Jacks

Session 2 - Close Stance Deep Squats

43 Min

Spot Jogging, Hamstring Swipes, Cat Camel, Alternating Worlds Greatest Stretch

Session 3 - Single leg Chair sit

42 Min

Bird Dog, Alternate Curtsy Lunge, Dynamic Pigeon Stretch

Session 4 - Single leg box step down

41 Min

Inch Worm, Jumping Jacks

Session 5 - Box Pistols

42 Min

Vertical Hops, Dynamic Pigeon Stretch, Dynamic Quad Stretch

Session 6 - Pistol Squats

37 Min

Side to Side Shuffle, Cat Camel, Pistol Squat

About this pack

Workouts focused on improving the strength and toning of the lower body. Pistol squats test the strength of your core, stabilizing muscles and the entire leg from glutes to ankles.


Improve Lower Body strength

Helps tone muscles