Mobility III

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

13 minutes

Ankle Mover, Downward to Cobra, World's Greatest Stretch

Session 2

13 minutes

Squats, Deep Lunge, Child's Pose with Arm Raise

Session 3

13 minutes

Squat with Arm Raise, Frog Stretch , Shoulder Windmill

Session 4

13 minutes

Cossack Squat, Fire Hydrant, Superman with Shoulder Reach

Session 5

13 minutes

Squat Internal Rotation, Single Leg Hip Bridge, World's Greatest Stretch

Session 6

13 minutes

Squat with Arm Raise, Downward to Scorpion , Child's Pose with Arm Raise

About this pack

This pack will help take mobility a notch higher. Focus on improvement of range of motion, more flexibility and joint functionality.  Mobility is key to staying fit, healthy and ageing gracefully.


Bring down stiffness of the entire body

Improve the body's range of motion