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Want something new every day? Make way for the All Stars! Curated by our chef from across the menu, you can go from an Indian thali one day to a gourmet Buddha Bowl the next. What's more? You also have an unlimited option to swap between your All Star meals for free.


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How it works

Meals are delivered every day at the chosen address and time

Change meals for free only with our All Star subscription. No additional charges or refunds on changing meals. HRX meals are excluded

Full flexibility to change delivery address, time and even cancel meals at any time

Get a full refund for any meals you cancel. Refunds are credited to your account at the end of the cycle or adjusted against your next billing cycle

You can auto-renew subscriptions and get the best price per meal. Subscriptions renew on the same day of every week/month from the start date

Upcoming meals

Thu, 23 May

Weight Watch: American Pineapple Garden Salad

Light on the stomach and great for digestion, this salad tastes as good as it looks! Fork up the goodness of zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, baby corn, greens and fibre-rich broken​ wheat to get your weight watch fix today. The surprise addition of grilled pineapples and crunchy sunflower seeds is a game-changer. We’re serving the salad with a roast tomato-pepper *dressing (use at your discretion). - Pineapples aid digestion - High-fiber broken wheat - Vegetables to boost immunity - Superfood sunflower and pumpkin seeds - Hydrating salad greens - Low-cal dressing Served with the superfood of the day. Allergen Information: Contains pineapples, gluten, seeds and nuts. Dressing Calories (not included): 35 cals; The salad is served cold.

Try for ₹199

Fri, 24 May

Asian Veg Curry & Wok-Tossed Millet

Treat yourself to a flavourful Asian curry made with zucchini, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, beans, bell peppers and onions. The coconut-based curry is paired with a high-fibre Foxtail millet tossed up with carrots, beans and spring onion. - High-fibre Foxtail millet - No added cornstarch - Immunity-boosting vegetables - Good fats from coconut and peanut Served with the superfood of the day. Allergen information: Contains mushrooms, soy and nuts.

Sat, 25 May

Dal Makhani & Tawa Paranthas Meal

Love dal makhani? Well, now you can enjoy it guilt-free. An bestseller, our signature no-cream, no butter urad dal makhni is thickened with skim milk and sweetened with honey. Enjoy it with soft tawa paranthas and a side of pickled onions and green chilli. - 100% whole wheat paranthas - Dal sweetened with honey - High-protein dal Allergen Information: Contains dairy, gluten and vinegar.

Sun, 26 May

Chilli Paneer Hakka Noodles

A bowl full of goodness, some dry chilli paneer laid atop traditional veg hakka noodles is just what you need today! With 100% whole wheat noodles tossed with high-fibre carrots, cabbage and spring onion, you can enjoy your favourite one-bowl meal guilt-free. - High-protein paneer - Paneer baked, not fried - Bell peppers rich in antioxidants - High-fibre vegetables - 100% whole wheat noodles Served with the superfood of the day. Allergen Information: Contains gluten, dairy, soy sauce, (mushroom in sauce).