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Bored of roti-sabzi? Try our perfect one-bowl meals featuring all-time classics like kadhi, rajma and chole served with high-fibre brown rice or foxtail millet.


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Tue, 7 Jul

Lobia Dal & Veg Pulao

Some days call for an easy-going meal like this one. A high protein lobia dal cooked in homely spices with your favorite basmati brown rice veg pulao that has carrot, cauliflower and peas. Allergen Information: Contains seeds. Served with Superfood of the day.

Try for ₹99

Wed, 8 Jul

Ghar ka Rajma & Veg Pulao

Nothing beats homestyle food. Especially good ol' rajma! Spiced with amchur, chilli and finished with a sour twist of lime, enjoy some ghar ka rajma with our carrot and peas veg pulao made using high-fibre brown rice. We're also sending you some roasted papad on the side. Served with the superfood of the day.

Thu, 9 Jul

Punjabi Chole & Veg Pulao

The traditional flavours of anar dana and amchur are what make this Punjabi chole such a treat. Mildly spiced and made homestyle, the curry is paired with our carrot, cauliflower and peas veg pulao made using high-fibre brown rice. - Protein-rich chole - Immunity-boosting vegetables - 100% high-fibre brown rice Served with the superfood of the day.

Fri, 10 Jul

Chilli Paneer Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles

A bowl full of goodness, some dry chilli paneer laid atop traditional veg hakka noodles is just what you need today! With 100% whole wheat noodles tossed with high-fibre carrots, cabbage and spring onion, you can enjoy your favourite one-bowl meal guilt-free. Served with the superfood of the day. Key Facts: Protein from paneer helps repair wear & tear of muscles. Allergen Information: Contains gluten, dairy, soy sauce. Traces of mushroom and celery.

Sat, 11 Jul

Dal Makhni & Veg Pulao's innovative no-cream dal makhni is now here with a combo. The high-protein dal is sweetened with honey and thickened with slim milk. Enjoy the winning duo with a high-fibre veg brown rice pulao and superfood of the day. Allergen Information: Contains dairy.

Sun, 12 Jul

Masoor Dal & Veg Pulao

Time for a rice combination your tummy will approve of. A sabut masoor dal that's flavored using homestyle spices along with your favorite basmati brown rice pulao with immunity supporting veggies. Allergen Information: Contains seeds.