Ausum Tea: Hibiscus & Nettle (15 pieces)


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A cup of hibiscus and nettle tea is a great way to give your entire system a nice boost. Often known as a medicinal tea, dried flowers of hibiscus are blended together with nettle in this wondrous concoction. High in health, this herbal tea is a daily must for keeping the heart, digestive tract, weight and mental health in check. Ruby red in colour with tangy notes, this herbal infusion is usually consumed hot but makes for a great iced delight as well. Ausum tea is all about making tea a fun, alternative yet great for your experience. We are conscious of developing blends that have a layered taste for a more well-rounded beverage. We work with select suppliers who share the same ethos as us - ethically sourcing, no preservatives or pesticides to the extent possible, small enterprises that rely on small businesses to thrive. Since we dry most of the fruit that goes into our blends, our sourcing is mainly reliant on seasonality and supply of fresh produce. Every cup of ausum is part of our mission towards clean and green living. Our blends are packed with goodness and none of the added sugar, preservatives or sweeteners. Ausum tea is great for your body, soul and environment. We strive to be a minimal waste brand. The packaging, especially the teabags will decompose within 12 months when mixed with soil.