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Want something new every day? Make way for the All Stars! Curated by our chef from across the menu, you can go from an Indian thali one day to a gourmet Buddha Bowl the next. What's more? You also have an unlimited option to swap between your All Star meals for free.


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Fri, 4 Dec

Butter Chicken, Yellow Dal Tadka, Roti thali

Homestyle yellow dal tadka - a mix of high protein, easily digestible dals and luscious chicken butter simmered to perfection in whole spices and cashew magaz paste in combination with whole wheat rotis - now that’s what we call the perfect blend of nutrition and of course, deliciousness. Served with Pickle of the day. Allergen Information: Contains gluten, dairy, nuts and seeds. *Serves 2

Try for ₹149

Sat, 5 Dec

Chettinad Egg Curry, Shimla Aloo Mirch & Jeera Pulao

Enjoy some traditional Chettinad style egg curry made in mild, homemade spices along with our Shimla aloo mirch laid atop a fulfilling portion of perfectly stir fried basmati rice tossed with aromatic jeera. Served with pickle of the day, this bowl is definitely food for your soul! Allergen information: Egg, nut, seed.

Sun, 6 Dec

Egg Madi Kulcha Burger & Nutty Dates Pudding

Dal makhani and kulcha in a new avatar! Yes, relish the authentic Indian taste as you bite into the layers of eat fit's innovative egg madi kukcha burger. Whole wheat kulcha layered with creamy delicious dal makhani, crunchy sauteed veggies and boiled egg pieces for extra protein is a definate grab on that takes you to a new level of experience with nutty dates pudding. Allergen information: Gluten, soy, dairy, egg, vinegar, nuts.

Mon, 7 Dec

Lasooni Methi Chicken, Shimla Aloo & Jeera Pulao

This hearty rice bowl brings together the succulence of tender chicken that has been cooked to perfection in a gravy of spinach, garlic and methi, the simplistic beauty of classic flavours that are packed in our Shimla aloo mirch and the wholesomeness of aromatic jeera pulao! Served with pickle of the day, this one appeals not just to your stomach but to your heart! Allergen information: Nut, seed.

Tue, 8 Dec

Chettinad Egg Gravy, Dal Makhni, Roti Thali

The flavours of South and North come together in this thali. Traditional Chettinad egg curry along with rich creamy, dal makhani and soft, fresh whole wheat rotis makes it the perfect choice for all the times when you are craving a burst of flavours in your mouth. Carries all the goodness of healthy fats without the guilt. Served with Pickle of the day. Allergen Information: Contains gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Wed, 9 Dec

Chilli Chicken Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles

A bowl full of goodness, our dry chilli chicken laid atop traditional veg hakka noodles is just what you need today! With 100% whole wheat noodles and chicken that's baked, not fried, you can enjoy your favourite one-bowl meal guilt-free. Allergen Information: Contains gluten, soy sauce, soybean, (mushroom in sauce).

Thu, 10 Dec

Masala Egg Curry, 2 Paratha Thali & Nutty Dates Pudding

Want a meal that's nutritious yet light on your stomach? This thali of egg curry, soft whole wheat parathas, cucumber carrot salad and crunchy sirka onions is not only packed with nutrients but also with deliciousness of nutty dates pudding Allergen information: Egg, gluten, nuts, vinegar