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LIVE | AT HOME | 30 Min
Dance Special: Latin Fiesta
Tue, Feb 23, 2021 8:00 PM


Get ready to sway to some fun Latin tracks and have an absolute fiesta with Simran and Naveen! Today's Playlist: Warm-up: - Our Standing Ovation Main Workout: - Caundo Bailas - No Quiero Olvidarte - Dime Que Te Gusta - Bailando Vivendo Cantando - Bein Duro Y Sauve - Bailando Despacito Cooldown: - Nada Mas

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What is Dance?

Dance is the rhythmic movement of body parts to music. It can be done for any purpose: for expressing emotion or mood, releasing energy, or sending a message. Interestingly, dance is also a form of exercise to reduce belly fat.

What is Dance Exercise?

Most of the time, dance and fitness go on the same lines. A dance workout is a fun way to get lean muscles and weight loss. If you do it with proper balance and coordination, a dance workout can actually stimulate your whole body. A 30 minute dance workout can burn 130 to 250 calories. And most importantly, there is a dance exercise for everyone: adult fitness dance and kids dance workout.

How Effectively Can We Do Dance Exercise at Home?

Dance workout for beginners can be done very effectively at home as you do not need special equipment for it. There is only a minimum requirement of equipment such as a dancing space, sneakers or any other type of shoes, and a dance video or music. You do not even need to go to the gym as you can learn how to perform the dance exercise by watching online dance training videos.

Who Can Do Dance Exercise?

Some people think that dance exercise workout is a matter of talent and they cannot do it. However, dance should be seen less as an inborn talent and more as a skill that can be learned over time. The more time you will give to it, the perfect you will become at it. Moreover, fitness dance is not the same as dance. For example, when you perform a dance workout for weight loss, your focus is on losing weight but not on making the moves perfect so that you can present it on a stage. Almost any person with good physical health, who does not have any medical condition that involves avoiding exercises can perform a dance.

Who Should Avoid Dance Exercise?

Generally, a cardio dance workout does not have any side effects and hence anyone can perform them. But there are certain situations when a dance can cause harm. Here is a list of people who should avoid dance fitness workout: People who have had any kind of injury in the recent past People who are suffering from a heart condition Women in the postpartum (at lease first 3-6 months) Pregnant women should also avoid heavy exercises like cardio dance workout People who are suffering from pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, or prolapse People with osteopenia or osteoporosis People who have any type of respiratory problems These people can start performing dance exercises once they become fit or their medical condition changes. However, they should first consult a medical expert or a trainer before starting it. A medical expert or trainer can also suggest the best type of dance exercise that suits your condition.

List of Best Dance Exercise

To become dance fit, you can perform various types of dance workouts. Here is a list of the best type of dance workout : Belly-dance workout Zumba dance exercise Bollywood dance workout Hula hoop dance exercise Salsa workout There are also some other types of dance exercises but these are the ones that are both famous and very effective. A person can choose the type according to his or her taste and special requirement.

Explain Above mentioned workouts stepwise

Here are some of the best dance fitness workouts that are very popular right now. Choose any form and become dance fit: Belly dance workout: For achieving a flat belly, people often go for planks and crunches. These exercises work great but they also become boring after some time. That’s when belly dance exercise comes to the rescue. It is way more enjoyable than planks and crunches, and it comes with the same benefits. Try one round of belly dance exercise that will hit the same muscles as the other form of workouts. You do not even need to hit the floor for a belly dance fitness workout and you will find that your abs are getting toned day by day. Zumba dance workout: Zumba is probably the most popular form of dance exercise of all time, across the world. In fact, most people think of Zumba when they first hear the word dance exercise. Zumba mostly involves hip hop and Latin style dance movements. These movements are both effective and fun to perform. In this type of dance fitness workout, you can choose fast dance movements, slow dance movements, or a combination of both. The best thing about Zumba is that it works for whole-body muscles. All you need to do is start your favorite Zumba dance video, and start moving your body along it. Bollywood dancing: The beats of Bollywood music is famous across the world. Now, these beats cannot just please hear but all of your body muscles. Bollywood dance workout mostly involves Bhangra (Punjabi dancing style), neo-classical Indian dance, other folk dancing style, and some influence from Arabic and Latino dance. If that is not enough, you can go for a retro Bollywood dance if you are an old-school type of person. This form of dance exercise is very expressive and unorthodox in nature as it can involve a mixture of a number of other forms. And the best thing - almost everyone is dance fit when it comes to Bollywood music. Hula hoop dance workout: You might not have touched a hula hoop since you were 7 or 8 but it’s the right time to pick one since this humble piece of equipment can do charms for your muscles. A hula hoop dance workout can help in toning your arms abdominals, gluteal, and thighs. Usually, the hula hoop seems very difficult to use for dance when you see a video. But once you actually pick one and start playing with it, it only takes a few days to master it. And once you master the hula hoop dance, it doesn’t feel like you are working out anymore. Salsa Dance workout: If you are bored of working out (and even dancing) alone, you can try salsa. It is a Latin form of dancing and originated in South America. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best forms of exercise to get lean muscle. Apart from toning your muscles, salsa also burns a great number of your calories, almost as much as any other cardio dance. However, do not forget to perform a mild warm-up exercise before performing salsa dance since this workout needs you to really stretch your muscles of limbs, chest, and abdomen. Invite a friend who is also looking for losing some weight and stretching muscles, or you choose your life-partner to dance with, as it is a very intimate form of dancing.

Benefits of Doing Dance Exercise

A dance workout is not just fun, but it also brings many health benefits along itself. Here is a list of health benefits of performing fitness dance: It increases your muscle tone and strength. It improves your reflexes and makes your body agile. Cardio dance workout improves your aerobic metabolism. It helps in improving your spatial awareness and body balance. Trainers usually suggest dance workout for weight loss. Dance strengthens muscles and improves motor fitness. Performing cardio dance on a daily basis can help you in maintaining your blood pressure.

Disadvantages of Doing Dance Exercise

Once you understand how fitness dance affects your body, you will be able to do it in the right way with precautions. Here is a list of the disadvantages of dance fitness that you should keep in mind before performing it: If you do maintain balance while doing Bollywood dance workout, you can get injured. If you overdo dance exercise workout, it can lead to muscle pain and sores. Dance workout for beginners is not as effective as other cardio exercises or Pilates. Performing the same dance steps can put a strain on one type of muscle. Mostly, people think that they do not need the supervision of a dance expert for performing Bollywood dance workout, and that can lead to muscle spasms.

Dos & Don’ts

There is a checklist of dos and don’ts that is essential to be looked at before you go to your dance fitness classes: Dos Perform any mild warmup exercise before starting cardio dance. Limit sessions of your dance fitness workout to just 15 minutes in the early days. Have a protein diet that complements your cardio dance. Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move your limbs and belly easily. Download your favorite dance video before starting the dance exercise so that the internet connection does not interrupt your session. Don’ts Do not perform dance workout for weight loss without the supervision of an expert. Do not perform the same steps over and over again. It can put a strain on your muscles. Do not dance continuously for more than 15-20 minutes. It can cause muscle aches. Do not stick to one form of dance. Try various forms so that you do not get bored of it after a period of time. Do not force your child to move on the same steps as yours. Kids dance workout is often different from an adult’s form of workout like the belly dance workout.

Things Required to Do Dance Workout if You Are at Home & Gym?

Thankfully, dance workout does not require any special equipment. To groove on the music, you just need the following pieces of essential equipment that will already be available at your home and gym: Mat Shoes Comfortable clothes Towel Water bottle Good music system

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