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LIVE | AT HOME | 35 Min
21-Day Yoga for Beginners: Day 13
Wed, Feb 24, 2021 6:00 AM


Start your Yoga journey with the 21-Day Yoga for Beginner Program and learn the foundational yogic practices right from the beginning and gradually deepen your practice with each session. To get started, all you need is YOU and your MAT. Main Practice: 1. Salamba Uttanasana + Variation 2. Sivananda Surya Namaskar x 4 Rounds 3. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana 4. Parighasana 5. Krounchasana 6. Supta Dandasana Variation Connect with us on Instagram @itsnaveen.sharma @shwetharahulshanker

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a total mind-body workout that helps strengthen through yoga postures and yoga meditation, and deep breathing. There are different types of yoga in which few are intense and fast-paced, and some are gentle and slow. It can be defined as physical activity with the main Yoga postures being connected in a sequence. Yogasan includes exercise to reduce belly fat and is therefore preferred by many around the globe. Yoga originated in ancient India, and it is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines or practices. There are many Indian philosophical schools to teach different types of yoga asanas in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Yoga has easy exercises to lose weight. Yoga practice and surya namaskar dates back to around 3000 BC during the Indus Valley Civilization and hence is reliable and effective with visible results. Yoga day or International Yoga day is celebrated all over the world on the 21st of June every year to promote health and wellness.

What is Yoga Workout?

Yoga workout increases the strength and flexibility of both physical and mental well-being. Yoga as a workout is a physical activity that only consists of postures accompanied by breathing, inhaling, and exhaling in sequential order. Yoga asanas can be done along with yoga meditation and relaxation with the help of yoga trainer, but it is not mandatory.

How Effectively Can We Do Yoga Workout at Home?

After attending a proper yoga class and learning from a yoga teacher or instructor, anybody can perform yoga at home regularly for life. But it is always recommended that beginners should not follow the postures from the available information on the internet but instead learn from an experienced yoga teacher through yoga for beginners instructions, as there are many chances of getting themselves injured by doing it wrong.

Who can Do Yoga Workout?

Regardless of age and fitness level, anybody and everybody can start doing different types of yoga asanas as yogasan is very gentle, unlike cardio exercises, thigh exercises and fat burning exercises. The elements of yoga are they mainly unite the mind and body. Hence kids yoga must be practised to improve their concentration levels.

Who Should Avoid Yoga Workouts?

People with any illness and sprains or fractures should avoid doing all kinds of yoga workouts. Patients after surgeries are also recommended to stop practising yoga until they recover entirely temporarily.

List of Best Yoga Workout

There are nearly 100 yoga poses to help our bodies survive all the impacts we drive. The main elements of yoga are, there are various spots on the body that can be targeted, and they can be either toned or increased in size with the help of yogasan. In that manner, the types of yoga workouts that are considered adequate and give very positive results are: Glute exercises Butt workouts Booty exercises Glute Exercises: The various types of yoga exercises to tone the glutes are: Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose: This is a yoga exercise done by standing on a yoga mat, catching any foot toe with the corresponding hand, and extending the foot towards the sides. The breath is held for 5 seconds in the posture, and then it is repeated on the other side. These types of glute stretches are very effective. Crescent Lunge: This is another pattern of yoga asanas where the arms are lifted with the chest pulled high and then lunging by holding 10 full breaths. Then the sides are switched, and these are a variation of glute stretches incorporating lunges to tone and strengthen the glutes. This is an easy yoga at home exercise. Glute Bridge Exercise: This is a variety of yoga exercise known as the glute bridge exercise and is done by lying flat on the back and placing the feet wide apart. The hips are then lifted off the floor while inhaling and then hold the breath for 5 seconds in the same position by squeezing the glutes. Then the hips are lowered to the ground while exhaling, and then it is repeated for best results. This is done with one leg lifted to increase the intensity, which is considered an advanced level. This is also beneficial by increasing the counts as one progresses with time. Reclining Half Pigeon: This is a form of yoga exercise where an individual lies on his back with knees bent and one ankle over the opposite side thigh. The arms are used to hold the legs firmly in position and are done for 10 breaths on each side. Lord of the Dance Pose: This is a variety of yoga asanas, where one toe is held with the corresponding hand in an arch pattern with a backbend. The other hand is held high in the air with a proper Gyan mudra. This is another method of stretches, which is done for 5-10 breaths, and then the pose is done on the other side. Cow Face Pose: This is another pattern of the yoga postures where both legs are crossed by stacking one over the other. The butt is anchored down and the hands are used to move the body front and back by holding the breath for 10 deep ones or even more, depending on one's efficiency. The sides are then switched, to strengthen the spine and tone the glutes effectively. Airplane Kicks: This is an easy yoga at home exercise which is done by stretching the leg and hand on opposite sides by kneeling with one leg and then kicking the heel to the side and pushing the hands through the air at the same time. Breath is held for 10 deep breaths, and then sides are switched. Chair to Crescent Twist: This yogasana is done by imitating a chair posture and then shifting the weight back into the heels by lengthening the tailbone and lifting the low belly. The pose is held for 5 breaths, and then it is repeated on the other side. Big Toe Leg Lifts: This yogasana is where toes are held with fingers, and legs are lifted to the sides until the hips. Hold for 5 breaths, and then switch the sides. Butt Workouts: This is a yoga asanas to reduce butt fat and bring them into a perfect shape. Butt exercises for men aid the toning of their butt muscles by making them firm and round. Butt workouts for women are the most extensively practised exercises as the butt is considered sexy. The different types of yoga asanas are: Diver's Pose: These yoga postures are done by extending the hands on either side behind the back. In a standing position with the feet balanced on the toes, the body is hinged forward from the waist. The head must be towards the ground in a diving position. Hold the posture for five deep breaths and then repeat it to reduce butt fat. Chair Pose: This is a yoga exercise to reduce butt fat wherein the knees are bent with the arms reaching high to frame the face. The hips should be sinking, and the posture is maintained for five deep breaths. This is a very easy yoga at home exercise which can be repeated as many times one is capable of doing it. Hamstring Twist: This yoga exercise for men is strenuous when compared to the rest, which requires more balance. Here the feet are lifted off the floor behind and then swung in back with the hands touching the floor. It is repeated with the other leg, and this exercise to reduce butt fat works best on a more significant number of counts. Elevated Wide Squat: This yogasana for women is done by standing with the feet wide apart on the toes, bending the knees, and sinking the hips. The hands are placed along with the frame of the face reaching the ceiling, and five deep breaths are taken. Downward Dog with Leg Extension: These yoga postures effectively sculpt the calves also. It is done by maintaining an inverted V position with the elbows locked and the hands-on the floor with a straight line from head to heel. This is held for five counts, and then it is repeated with the other leg. Butt Bridge Exercise: These yoga steps are very similar to Glute bridges, and it helps to shape the butt and make it firm and round. Butt bridge exercise works the hamstrings, lower back, abs, and glute simultaneously, and the topmost position during the workout is always recommended to be held for a long time to strengthen the core muscles. The yogasana is highly advised to be followed by patients who cannot squat because of their back, knee, and hip ailments. Warrior 1: This yoga exercise is done by placing one foot forward with the other foot stretched back and slightly angled out. The arms are reached out to the ceiling, and then the pose is held for five deep breaths. Then the sides are switched and repeated to reduce butt fat. Warrior 2: These yoga steps are slightly different from the previous one, with the corresponding arms reaching out to the front and back accordingly. Hold the pose for five deep breaths and then repeat on to the next side to reduce butt fat. Warrior 3: These yoga steps are a forward bend with one leg on the floor and hands under your shoulders. The weight is transferred to the foot on the floor with the other leg floating high behind. This yoga at home exercise to reduce butt fat is done by staying in this position for five deep breaths and then switching the sides. Booty Exercises: Booty workout is done to tighten and tone the booty with yoga asanas. Some of the different types of yoga asanas are: Dolphin Kick: This yoga exercise is done by standing in the plank position and then bending the knees to almost touching the floor, counting until three, and resuming back to the start position. Fire Hydrant: These yoga steps are done standing on fours and then lifting the legs onto the sides at ninety degrees to the level of the hips. Then the leg is lowered to the floor, and the exercise is repeated. Locust Pose: This yoga exercise is done by lying face down on the mat by clasping the hands behind and putting together the toes. After inhaling, the feet are put back to the ground, and then it is repeated. This is a great yoga pose for flexibility.

Benefits of Doing Yoga Workouts

The various benefit of yoga workouts are: Yoga postures boosts body metabolism. As a result of this, an individual will eat healthily and stay fit. Yoga builds muscle strength and tones the sagging muscles. It increases whole-body flexibility. Yoga improves posture. This aims to prevent back and neck ache by relieving the strain in those areas. The benefit of yoga is it burns calories and aids weight loss. Yoga and meditation helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and increases the body's sensitivity to insulin. Postures such as handstands help to increase the flow of blood to all parts of the body. Yoga improves the immune system by fighting off diseases and destroying all the viruses that affect the body. The benefit of yoga is it improves lung function and cures all sorts of respiratory problems. Yoga for sleep helps a person by reducing stress and regularizing the sleep patterns. It creates a positive mind frame and increases the self-esteem of a person. This is, therefore, practised to help a person combat all mental problems. Yoga is popular amongst patients with arthritis complaints as it promotes the flexibility of all the joints.

Disadvantages of Doing Yoga Workouts

There are two significant side effects of yoga, and they are: It induces blood pressure in the body. It increases the risk of stroke.

Do's & Don'ts

Yoga should be done: On an empty stomach, it is highly recommended to practice yoga. Yoga should be done slowly in a very relaxed form concentrating on the breath. All the folks practising yoga should wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes to facilitate easy body movements. Using a mat is mandatory while performing yoga. Yoga should not be done: In extreme weather conditions, it is recommended not to practice yoga. After the yoga session, one cannot shower or drink water or consume any food for the next 30 minutes. Women should refrain from yoga during their menstrual cycles. Yoga must be restricted immediately after large meals.

Things Required to Do Yoga Workout if You Are at Home & Gym?

The things required to do yoga for strength are: Yoga mat Towel Water Bottle Comfortable clothes