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Belly Burn

These guided workouts include bodyweight exercises that will strengthen the midsection, burn belly fat and help improve your overall fitness.
Belly Burn - Beginner
6 sessions
Get started with basics
Belly Burn - Intermediate
6 sessions
A level higher and more intense
Belly Burn - Advanced
6 sessions
Dive deeper into belly burn
Fat Burn - Advanced
6 sessions
Powerful exercises for higher calorie burn
Fat Burn Advanced II
6 sessions
Focus on core and glute activation
Abs and Obliques
6 sessions
Focus on core and upper body with increased endurance
18-Day Belly Burn Plan with Olivia
18 sessions
Join Olivia as she takes you through an 18-day workout program to lose that stubborn belly fat.

What is Belly-Burn?

Belly-burn is trying to lose stubborn belly fat, and it can be done in various ways. But with belly fat exercises, all the excess fat in the body can be significantly reduced. Flat stomach exercises are always an effective way to improve body health and the best method to burn maximum calories. Exercises to lose belly fat are observed to give better results with the proper diet regime. Tummy exercises with low and advanced levels are discussed below for better understanding. Belly-burn is a method to burn all the fat deposited in and around the belly by various factors. They are: A person should avoid all sugary food. A person should consume soluble fibre in high amounts. An individual should take a high protein diet. An individual should practice aerobic exercises, which is the best cardio for the body. A person should cut down carbohydrates in daily food. An individual should keep the mind calm and stress-free. The person should do regular stomach exercises. Refraining oneself from alcohol as alcohols gain belly fat. A person should avoid foods that contain trans-fat in them. An individual should start replacing regular cooking oil with coconut oil. Lifting more weights as they are good belly fat burning exercises. Track food and keep counting the intake levels. Fast intermittently to lose weight. Consume green tea. Include more probiotic foods or supplements. A person should add apple cider vinegar to the diet in reasonable quantities. Preventing fruit juices as it contains more sugars. Practice and perform flat belly exercises as a routine. A person should perform yoga for weight loss, which involves belly-burn postures.

What is Belly-Burn Exercises?

As stomach exercises are the best way to burn belly fat effectively, it helps sculpt the belly. Exercise to reduce belly fat helps to tone and make the abs firm, consistent and continuous, and a flat belly is a badge of honour for both men and women. Belly fat burning exercises concentrate more on the abdominal midsection lean muscles and look trim and fabulous.

What causes Belly fat?

The various causes that lead to belly fat that makes folks burn them are: Lack of exercise Poor diet habits More of day to day stress Lifestyle changes Too much alcohol Hereditary body Poor sleep patterns Smoking

Symptoms of Belly fat

The most common symptoms of belly fat to analyze the population who must be taking the time to burn the belly fat are: Larger waist Abdominal obesity Overweight Back pain Excess abdominal fluid Clinical depression-like restlessness and insomnia Hypothyroidism The menstrual problem in women Feeling sluggish Cold sensitivity Bloated stomach

Who Can Do Belly-Burn Exercise?

People of all ages and gender can perform all the easy exercises to lose belly fat. Care must be taken only when they encounter the advanced level flat belly exercises. Mainly people between 18-50 are the suitable candidates to start training the belly fat burning exercises as they are at more risk with health problems to cope with the lifestyle transition. Belly exercise is not very easy as it sounds, and it is not easy to see results immediately. This is because the belly has the most stubborn fat in the entire body. Therefore, a belly exercise is categorized according to an individual's health conditions, and accordingly, the workouts and intensity are planned.

Who Should Avoid Belly Fat Workouts?

The list of people who should avoid doing belly fat workouts are: Pregnant women People with a spine injury Patients with irritable bowel syndrome Individuals with diarrhoea and other stomach problems Folks with strained muscles and ligaments

List of Best Belly-Burn Workout

There are so many workouts to enhance belly-burn, and the most simple but efficient exercises to lose belly fat are: Crunches This is the best exercise to reduce belly fat and build abs by melting all the fat around the waist. It is done by lying down flat on the floor with the knees bent. The hands are placed behind the head on crossed on the chest. The body is lifted to touch the knees with the head by concentrating on the core muscles. This exercise to reduce belly fat breathing is done controlled by inhaling while going down and exhaling while crunching. It is done for ten counts by beginners and then increased gradually. Most of all, one has to note that tummy exercises like crunches and their variations like bicycle crunches and semi-circle crunches are the best exercises for lower belly fat. Walking Walking is a simple cardio exercise to reduce tummy and stay fit. A brisk walk for thirty minutes is the best belly exercise. Along with a balanced diet, this exercise to reduce belly fat has a positive effect on the body's heart rate and metabolism. One can shift to running after a few weeks as it is more beneficial for fat burning. This particular exercise to reduce belly fat requires no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere at any point in time. Cycling Cycling is another exercise to reduce belly fat, increasing the heart rate, and burning more calories more effectively by shedding weight. Cycling also helps lose weight in the thigh regions along with the areas around the waist. Regular cycling reduces belly fat and is helpful for weight loss. Vertical Leg exercise This exercise to reduce stomach is excellent for obliques as well. It also helps to increase the strength and stability of a person and tone the body. The speciality of this exercise to reduce belly fat is to isolate the rectus abdominis muscle thereby toning the entire stomach area. The legs are lifted to a ninety-degree angle by inhaling and placing the hands below the hips lying down on the back. Then on exhaling, the legs are lowered back down, which is repeated to increase endurance and burn belly fat. These belly fat exercises are considered a little more challenging than the rest. Aerobics The best exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home is aerobics. This is a high-intensity workout without going to the gym, and also it is beneficial and fun to do. Aerobics is a type of dance workout that helps to burn a lot of calories. This is an effective belly fat workout when the steps are organized accordingly. Zumba Zumba is another type of exercise to reduce belly fat at home. This is done along with music to help people not know the workout pressure and enjoy the fat-burning process. This has various moves and is considered a tummy trimmer exercise that sheds weight along the waist. The Pro level exercises to lose belly fat are: Burpees This is the best exercise to reduce belly done by lowering the body to a low squat position and then hopping and jumping back to a standing position with hands above the head; the same is repeated. Usually, this exercise for flat tummy is kickstarted with five counts and then gradually increased as per the strength gain. Russian Twists within and out The Russian twist is an exercise to reduce belly fat that improves oblique strength. In and out is a wonderful belly exercise, and a combination of both is the perfect exercise to reduce tummy. This is done by sitting on the floor with the knees bent and feet off the ground. By leaning backwards at a forty-five-degree angle, the arm is moved from left to right without moving the ribs. This tummy trimmer exercise gives fantastic results on regular practice. Rowing machine This exercise to reduce belly fat can be done in a gym with the rowing machine and this exercise to reduce belly also works on the muscles in the legs, core, arms, shoulder, and back. One should start with 20 seconds of rowing with 10 seconds of rest for eight times. This machine creates the best exercise to reduce belly fat by bringing the heart rate up, increasing the body's metabolism, and losing calories. Strength training Lifting weight is an excellent belly fat workout where more afterburn effects are visibly seen. The body will keep burning calories even after leaving the gym. This specific exercise to reduce belly is recommended for beginners with fifteen minutes and dead weights. The intensity of training should be gradually increased with these flat stomach exercises. The exercises for lower belly fat burning are highly possible with strength training as it is the best technique for spot reduction with numerous hacks. Sprawl Sprawl is another exercise to reduce belly fat and is a variation of a burpee. Burpee variations are always the game-changing flat belly exercises. Sprawl incorporates a plank position and works wonders. It sets the mark for all exercises to lose belly fat. Medicine Ball Slams This exercise to reduce belly fat makes use of a ball. The variations in these stomach exercises are: Lateral medicine ball slams Overhead medicine ball slams Lateral medicine ball slams are powerful belly fat exercises where the ball is launched from side to side. This also enhances the oblique regions a little. Overhead medicine ball slams are the kind of stomach exercises in which the ball is taken overhead and reached down to the flood, thereby moving the body in front. These tummy exercises also play a significant role in strengthening the core muscles. Mountain climbers This exercise to reduce belly fat is done by getting onto a high plank position with the floor's wrists parallel to the shoulders. The cores are focused and kept tight, and then the belly is drawn in towards the spine. The knees are then driven towards the chest and brought back to their original position. These kinds of belly fat exercises are alternated on both sides, and the number of counts is gradually increased with progress. Planks This is the typical belly exercise used to strengthen the spine and sculpt the abs at the same time. There are so many variations in planks, and basic ones are: Forearm plank High plank Side plank Reverse plank These planks are the prime choice of exercises for lower belly fat that engages multiple muscles simultaneously and improves one's posture and flexibility. These tummy exercises aim at making the tummy tight by burning maximum fat around the abdomen area. This is done by holding this posture by proper and relaxed inhaling and exhaling. The time intervals of having this posture are increased gradually as the body gets used to it. It is calculated that the more time an individual can stay and hold, the more will be his endurance level.

What exercise burns the most belly-fat at home?

All the belly fat burning exercises that do not have any special equipment and instructors to guide the person it can be done at home at the utmost convenience. To quote a few of them: Crunches Russian twist Burpees Leg raises Planks Sprawls Walking Running Mountain climbers

Health Benefits of Losing Belly fat

The various health benefits of losing belly-burn with stomach exercises are: Belly fat is the primary cause of obesity, and it gets stored around the waist, providing a negative impact on health. Therefore, starting to do an exercise for flat tummy showers a positive effect on the health or curbs all the health issues creating a negative impact on a person. Exercises to lose belly fat help decrease the cholesterol levels in the body and prevent stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and other heart diseases. A belly fat workout regularizes blood sugar levels and prevents the risk of developing diabetes. Belly exercise reduces blood pressures and therefore combats hypertension and improves overall heart health. Smaller waistlines with the help of belly fat exercises tend to help an individual live longer. Tummy exercises increase sleep quality and therefore reduces stress and combat depression. Exercise to reduce belly fat increases self-confidence in a person as it makes them look great, which helps them build self-esteem. Belly fat exercises treat or prevent the risk of cancer in some instances. This is quite rare, but its chance of stopping the abnormal body cell behaviour makes these belly fat burning exercises are widely accepted. According to research, stomach exercises are also known to combat the less prevalent Alzheimer's disease.

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