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Fat Burn - Advanced

Fat Burn - Advanced

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

25 Min

Two Point Bridge, Single Leg Squat, Lunge Hops, Push Up with Rotation


Session 2

25 Min

Dead Bug, Tuck Jumps, Single Leg Glute Bridge, Elbow Push Ups


Session 3

23 Min

Hollow Hold, High Knees, Sprawl, Plyo Push Ups


Session 4

23 Min

Bird Dogbird Dog, Burpees, Sit ups, Single Leg Squat with Shoulder Abduction


Session 5

23 Min

Donkey Kicks, Push Ups, Side Plank, Lunge Hops


Session 6

23 Min

Hollow Hold, Mountain Climber , Dead Bug, High Knees, Sprawl

About this pack

The movements in this pack have been designed to engage your larger muscles to ensure a greater calorie burn. The movements will activate and engage your core, glutes and upper body. Get ready for some powerful exercises that will help burn that fat!


High Calorie Burn

Strengthen the core and upper body

Enhance Cardiovascular endurance

What are Belly Burn Advanced Exercises?

Belly burn advanced exercises are great when it comes to fat burn. The internet is full of people asking how to reduce fat from body and a fat burn workout is the best answer they get. Fat burning exercises are intense workouts that are focused on reducing belly fat effectively. These fat burning exercises help you in burning more calories. Not just this, an intense fat loss workout for fat burn also strengthens your core muscles and improves your overall health. The advanced exercises to lose fat when combined with a balanced diet can work wonders for those looking for fat loss. An advanced session usually involved various fat burning exercises such as high knees, butt exercise, push-ups, side plank, mountain climber, hollow hold, elbow push ups, burpees, etc., You can also perform these fat burning exercises at home after taking tips from experts on how to lose fat.

What Causes Belly Fat?

Before knowing how to lose fat, you must know what causes it in the first place. This will also help you in avoiding the causes and increase your fat burn. One of the main causes of belly fat is a poor diet. Other things that may lead to belly fat are: Lack of exercise Stress Excessive consumption of belly fat Genetics Poor Sleep Smoking

Symptoms of Belly Fat

Knowing how to reduce fat from body becomes so essential when you notice any signs of belly fat. But at times, what seems like belly fat may just be a bloated stomach. To be sure whether you have belly fat and need to reduce fat, check if you have the following symptoms: Enlarged belly Increasing waistline Soft belly instead of hard muscles

Who Can Do Belly Burn Advanced Exercises?

While anyone can do advanced fat burn workout irrespective of their age and gender, there are some factors that determine if exercise to reduce belly fat will be safe or not. You can do fat burning exercises if: You do not have any major illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. You have been exercising for some time. You are generally fit.

Who Should Avoid Belly Burn Advanced Exercises?

You should avoid fat burning exercises of advanced level if: You are pregnant. You have any serious injury such as spine injury. You are suffering from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You had a recent surgery or any other surgical treatment.

List of Best Belly Burn Advanced Exercises

Mostly, fat burning exercises can also be done by beginners. But when you perform an advanced level of fat loss workout, it is the sets and the intensity of the fat reduce exercise that matters. Here is the list of some of the most effective and advanced fat burning exercises: Single Leg Squat High Knees Dead Bug Burpees Side Planks Hollow Hold You can perform these fat burning exercises at home after taking tips from experts. There are various online sessions for advanced fat burning exercises that you can watch and learn.

What exercise burns the most belly fat at home?

Single Leg Squat As the name suggests, this fat reduce exercise is a squat that you perform with a single leg. It is also known as pistol squats. People who have mastered squat movements with both legs and know fat loss tips can try single leg squat on an advanced level. In case you are a newbie and looking for fat burn, you can use a chair to avoid imbalance. Step-By-Step Guide Stand straight and then lift your left leg out. Hold it straight and put your body weight on the right leg. While lifting the left leg, you can also bend it. Spread your arms by your side or in front to maintain balance. Keep your torso straight and slowly push your hips back to come into a squat position. Get down as low as possible keeping the hips parallel to the ground. Squeeze your glutes as you rise up. Make sure your left leg is up during the reps. Perform 5-10 reps before switching the sides. Sets: Aim for 3 sets of 10 reps in the beginning. High Knees High Knees are one of the best cardio-intensive exercises that are performed at a fast pace. This fat reduce exercise engages your core while strengthening all the muscles in your legs. Moreover, such exercises to lose fat also increase your heart rate up and improve momentum, coordination, and flexibility. Step-By-Step Guide Stand straight and with your feet hip-width apart. Lift up your right knee to your chest and switch to your right leg. Continue this repetition with alternating legs. Move at a sprinting or running pace. Also, swing your arms at 90 degrees to maintain balance. Duration: Perform High Knees for a total of 30 seconds and take a rest of 20 seconds. Repeat this cycle for a total of 5 times for fat burn. Dead Bug Dead bug is one of the best exercises to lose fat. It also helps in building abs without putting the lower back in danger. There are various variations of dead bug exercises that you can try to reduce fat. Keep in mind that such fat burning exercises should be performed with great care to avoid any injury. Step-By-Step Guide First, lie on the mat with your arms extended in front of your shoulders. Now, bend your knees and hips at a 90-degree angle. Take a deep breath in while tightening your abs. When you exhale extend the left leg towards the floor and bring your right arm over the head. While doing this, keep your abs tight. Slowly return to the previous position. Repeat the movement with your right leg and continue it with alternating legs. Sets: Perform three sets of 10 slow and controlled reps for effective fat burn. Burpees Though not much popular, burpees are an essential part of a fat loss workout. They are hard to do and can significantly lead to fat burn. In addition to fat loss, burpees also help in improving blood flow, strengthening the heart and lungs, lowering the risk of heart diseases, and lowering cholesterol levels. Step-By-Step Guide Sit in a squat position with a straight back and feet apart. Lower your hands and kick back your feet so that you turn into a pushup position. Keep the body straight and do one push up. Do not let your back sag and lift your hips in the air. Now, jump back to the starting position with a frog kick. Stand and put your hands up above the head. Jump quickly and as soon as you land, get into the squat position. Repeat this. You can make it more intense by adding dumbbells or Bosu balls. Sets: Perform 8 or 10 reps in a row before pausing and also follow the tips of the gym expert for effective fat loss. Side Planks Another one of the advanced fat burning exercises, side plank work on your obliques. Though it is one of the easy exercises to lose weight, these can also engage your core and strengthen your shoulders, back, hamstring, and other body parts. Step-By-Step Guide Lie on the left side. Keep your legs straight and stack your feet on top of each other, Now, place your left elbow under the left shoulder. Your forearm should point away from you with a fist. Keep your head neutral, take a deep breath, and brace your core muscles. Now, lift your hips up and support your body weight on the left elbow and left foot. Your body should be straight. Hold this position as long as you can. It can vary from 15-60 seconds depending on your fitness level. Repeat this on the right side. Sets: Perform 3 sets of 8–12 reps per side. You can increase the holding position duration as per your fitness level. Hollow Hold Hollow hold can be performed anywhere to reduce fat. In fact, it is one of the excellent fat burning exercises that also targets the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, quads, obliques, hip flexors, erector spinae muscles, and inner thighs. It can also improve your body posture while helping in fat loss. Step-By-Step Guide: Lie straight on the floor while contracting the abs. Your legs and hands should be straight out from the body with pointed hands and toes. Slowly move your shoulders and legs up and also raise your head. Only the lower back should remain in contact with the floor. Reach a position where you can hold your arms and legs up without touching the ground. Only your lower back should be on the ground. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds before lowering your hands, legs, and head back to the ground. Duration: Begin with 30 seconds hold and aim to hold the pose for 3 minutes.

Health Benefits of Losing Belly Fat

Fat loss can prove beneficial to your body in various ways. These fat burning exercises make sure that your body remains toned and the core muscles become strong. Some of the most important benefits of fat burning exercises are: Fat loss can help you in lowering the risk of heart diseases. You start to get better sleep once you reduce fat. Lower fat in the belly also reduces the chances of colorectal cancer. Fat burn helps you in maintaining a normal level of blood pressure. It is easier to treat type 2 diabetes once you reduce fat. A fit body also leads to longer life span.

Disadvantage of Having Belly Fat

Understanding how belly fat affects your body helps in boosting your morale towards following a regular routine of fat burning exercises. Below are some of those disadvantages you should be aware of: Belly fat increases the risk of heart diseases by increasing blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol. Belly fat is also associated with higher chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance. You are also more prone to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Excessive belly fat can also impact your brain health and can lead to issues such as migraine and even dementia in the long run. According to one study, belly fat is also linked to cancer.

Dos & Don’ts (Bullet Points)

Dos: Always begin the fat burn workout with a warm-up. Also, check your vitals before you begin the exercises to lose fat. Wear comfortable clothes while performing intense fat burning exercises, especially during thigh exercises since tight clothes can restrict your movements. Combine your exercises to reduce fat with a healthy and balanced diet. Follow the instructions of the fitness coach and ask them about how to lose fat and get fat loss tips. Take proper rest after performing fat reduce exercise to adapt to the intense session. When performing fat burning exercises at home, make sure you do it in a spacious and empty place to avoid injuries. Don’ts Do not have a heavy meal before performing fat burning exercises. Do not do oblique exercises if you want to have a tapered look. Do not perform the exercises to lose fat again and again as it will make your fat burn workout boring. Do not over-exercise as it can lead to injury. Do not do it alone and rather ask an expert how to exercise to lose fat in the best way and also get fat loss tips.

Things Required to Do Belly Burn Advanced Exercises if You Are at Home & Gym? ((Bullet Points)

When you search for how to exercise to lose fat, you will find that there are plenty of fat burning exercises available. While some do not require any equipment for fat burning exercises at home, others may need dumbbells or other tools. Depending on this, you can decide on the things you would require for your fat loss workout. Below is the list of common things you may need: Workout clothes Water bottle Fitness tracker Sports shoes Clean towel A Mat Equipment like a dumbbell, skipping rope, or a workout bench

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