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Healthy Spine

Healthy Spine

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

57 Min

Hand Release Push Up, Sumo Deadlift, Glute Bridges


Session 2

36 Min

Bird Dog, Quad Rockers, Child Pose


Session 3

47 Min

Normal Push Up, Boat Position Hold, Mountain Climber


Session 4

45 Min

Jumping Jacks, Alt. Single leg glute bridges, Hollow Rocks


Session 5

51 Min

Burpees To Squat Hold , Knee Tucks, Plank Shoulder Tap


Session 6

46 Min

Air Squat , Quad Rockers, Cat Camel

About this pack

This spinal column provides the main support for your body, allowing you to stand, bend, and twist. It also protects the spinal cord from injury. Strong muscles are major contributor to a healthy spine. These exercises focus on strengthening and maintaining the muscles that contribute to a healthy spine.


Improves flexibility of spine

Strengthen the Back

Healthy Spine

A good posture is a time and again stressed by many medical professionals, fitness specialists, and Yoga teachers. The pain experienced in your back, shoulder, and neck is caused mainly due to incorrect postures, which may cause Spondylosis in the long run. However, there are spine exercises at Cult Fit to treat and maintain a healthy spine without having to step out of your home.

Features of the workout

With Cult Fit, working out at home has become bliss as there are well-thought videos to help you learn and exercise. The Healthy Spine exercise pack is designed to release pain in the spine area, energize your entire body, and stretch the spine, glutes, outer hip for a better posture. The videos are designed with a duration of thirty-five to sixty minutes that takes you from warm-up to spinal extension exercises. The pack comes with six videos that contain a well-balanced workout session with three exercises to develop a great spine. This pack starts with a session that has basic exercises to stretch your spine and lower back for a strong base and advances to the last session with Cat Camel, a backbone exercise, to improve and maintain a flexible spine.

Workout Structure

Back pain is a common occurrence to a lot of people these days, irrespective of age. Thankfully, there are exercises to relieve back pain, and Cult Fit has curated the Healthy Spine pack to help you learn and do the exercises right at your home that you can easily do full splits soon. This pack has been designed to include spondylosis exercises, exercises for lumbar spondylosis, and cervical spondylosis exercise to release and soothe the pain. The exercises that are included in this pack are hand release push up, Glute bridges, Child pose, Air squat, Quad rockers, Sumo Deadlift, and Bird Dog. These are highly useful exercises for lumbar spondylosis and are targeted to strengthen your back, reduce tensions in lumbar areas by building muscles in areas around your thigh, butt, glute, hamstrings.


Consciously correcting your posture and having a check on it has huge rewards for your body. When the posture is good, the muscles around the spine are stabilized and ensures that the entire body is balanced equally. Let's take a quick look at the benefits of practising spinal extension exercises: 1. Relieve back pain Incorrect posture is the main reason for experiencing back pain as it exerts pressure on the spine, including the discs, joints, ligaments, and muscles. The exercises to relieve back pain are designed to prevent strains and sprains that can occur in any daily activity. Spondylosis exercises are highly recommended by professionals to treat back pain. 2. Take your energy high Spinal cord exercise helps to keep your bones and joints in proper alignment. With regular practice of spine exercise, you allow your muscles to function according to their tasks. This keeps in increasing your energy level as your muscles don’t do what they don’t have to, so you’ll have no tiredness and extra energy. 3. Release tension near the neck An improper posture like a forward head posture gives immense strain on the back, shoulder, and neck. With spinal extension exercises, you can get the correct alignment, which keeps the joints and ligaments less strained. Cervical spondylosis exercises also help in releasing tension near the neck and upper back for comfort. 4. Increase in flexibility Proper flexibility goes hand in glove with a lot of exercises, be it yoga for flexibility, cardio, H.I.I.T, or even Pilates. When you have tight hips, it can restrain appropriate form and bound your fitness, and that's why you need to practice spinal cord exercise besides flexibility exercises. When your posture is right, your flexibility is also in place, keeping health issues at bay. 5. Better digestive system When you perform a backbone exercise regularly, your digestive system gets activated as the right posture gives efficient and proper blood circulation to your digestive organs. Therefore with stretching exercises, you can ensure that circulation and digestion are proper, avoiding a ton of health issues.

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