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Get Strong

These guided workout video include bodyweight exercises that will strengthen the abdomen and midsection and enhance upper body and lower body strength.
Get Strong - Beginner
7 sessions
Get started with basics
Get Strong - Intermediate
6 sessions
A level higher and more intense
Get Strong- Advanced
6 sessions
Dive deeper into strength

Building Lean Muscle

Lean muscle means the form of muscle which is hidden by fat. Exercise will help you shed body fat and become leaner by adding more muscle. When it comes to bodybuilding, the lean muscle builds up after the fats have been cut off. Building lean muscle mass is only possible through strength training and proper workout. The cult.fit series consists of lean muscle workout and weighted movements that can be performed anywhere and anytime according to your convenience. The day to day exercise will give you the proper idea to perform the workout.


Your body is one of the best muscle building equipment and you do not have to follow a strict lean muscle workout plan to get a lean-inducing return. There are certain exercise styles that can integrate strength training into your lifestyle. The lean body workout includes six sessions of more than 30 minutes of exercise which target to gain lean muscle and weight loss. Session 1 includes Lower Body workout Session 2 includes a workout for the upper body Session 3 targets the arms exercises. Session 4 makes your core strong and it includes exercise to reduce belly fat. Session 5 is the Full body workout and this includes exercise to increase stamina. Session 5 is the Full body workout which helps to develop your strength and improve yourself. The session workout might require equipment such as Dumbbells, Kettlebell and Resistance bands. Weights are an optional alternate bodyweight exercise included in the lean body build.


The most common advantage of workout with the lean body is that it increases metabolism. Moreover, workout for lean body improves bone density and flexibility, especially in the ligaments and tendons. Another important part is that the hormone balance with durability can be improved. The beginner's exercise will help you to gain lean mass and lose weight. Proper exercise and proper diet for the lean body will increase the lean body mass and activates stress hormones, which results in the breakdown of muscle protein. Healthy lean muscle development in the body can also decrease the chance of contracting and injuring diseases.


The benefits of developing lean muscle men and lean muscle women mass are:- 1. Reduces the risk of injury The lean body tends to strengthen the joints and reduces the risk of getting pain or injuries. The leaner your body is, the stronger your muscles will become. This can help you find the best balance as you age and will shield you from future fractures and complications due to falls. 2. Boosts Immune Mechanism Exercise will boost up your immune system and your lean muscle is the best source of protein. Because the immune system functions twice when someone is sick and due to this, the body's nutritional demands begin to change. To promote regeneration and help your immune system, the body will require a lot of protein which gets fulfilled from the lean muscle stored protein. 3. Increases strength of bone and muscle According to the research, performing strength, stretching exercises and weight training workouts will help you to increase your muscle strength and increase the lean body mass as you get older. In addition, the production of adequate lean body mass is crucial in avoiding thinning and weakening of your bones. 4. Support to lose weight You may not know this yet, but your muscle mass is the fuel to your body's calorie-burning motor. This is because the lean muscles help you burn off your fats. The more lean muscles you have, the more calories your body will be able to eat, even though you are at rest. This makes it a lot easier to regulate weight.

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