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Build Your Stamina

Build Your Stamina

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

40 Min

Frog Jump, Reverse Push Up, Mountain Climber


Session 2

39 Min

High Knees, Side to Side Shuffle, Sprawl


Session 3

37 Min

Jumping Jacks, Jump Squat, Curtsy Lunges, Footfires


Session 4

39 Min

Skater Jump, Jumping T's, Burpees


Session 5

36 Min

High Plank Jacks, High Knees, Standing Straddle


Session 6

37 Min

Sprawl, Power Jacks, Frog Jump

About this pack

Learn the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. build your stamina to push yourself, challenge yourself and eventually change yourself.


Build Stamina

Improve Lower Body strength

Improve Endurance

What is Stamina?

Stamina exercises are those body movements that help in improving your energy levels and increasing endurance. These exercises that improve stamina may vary depending on your level of expertise. From cardio to Surya Namaskar, there are plenty of stamina workouts you can try. Some people also focus on dance fitness to increase stamina at home. You can also opt for simple running to increase stamina.

What are Stamina Exercises?

Exercise to increase stamina is many that can be performed at home using bodyweight and do not require gym equipment. Stretching exercises must be performed before and after each session to reduce muscle pain post-workout. The following stamina exercises can be performed consistently to improve stamina - Session 1: Endurance Exercises - 20 minutes Straight Jumps (15-20 times) Squats (10 times) Star Jumps (15-20 times) Push-ups (10-12 times) Jump Squats (10-12 times) Each exercise will last for 1-2 minutes and there have to be 5-6 sets performed. Session 2: 40 minutes Frog Jump (10-12 times) Reverse Push up (6-8 times) Mountain Climber (50-60 times) High Knees (50-60 times) Side to Side Shuffle (10-12 times) Sprawl (10-12 times) Session 3: 40 minutes Jumping Jacks (20 times) Jump Squat (12-15 times) Curtsy Lunges (12-15 times) Footfires (30-40 times) Skater Jump (12-15 times) Jumping T's (12-15 times) Burpees (12-15 times) Session 4: 35 minutes High Plank Jacks (10-12 times) High Knees (50-60 times) Standing Straddle (12 times) Sprawl (12-15 times) Power Jacks (12-15 times) Frog Jump (12-15 times) Session 5: 20 minutes Boat Pose (Holding for 30 seconds) Side Plank (12-15 times) Push up (12-15 times) Chair Dips (12-15 times) Squats (12-15 times)

What Causes Low Stamina?

Before learning how to increase stamina, it is vital to know about the reasons that cause the lowering of stamina. Some of the common causes that reduce your strength and stamina are: Diet: Diet plays a vital role in increasing endurance and stamina. Taking a diet that is low in energy and lacks essential nutrients makes your body function slow and thus, leads to low stamina. Physical Activity: If you do not perform exercises to increase stamina, there are chances you will easily get exhausted and tired after any physical activity. This will affect your daily activities and leave you exhausted. Poor Lifestyle: Consumption of drugs and alcohol can lead to low stamina in people. Age: With increasing age, your stamina level goes down. Age impacts your energy levels and if you do not maintain it with a balanced diet and stamina exercises, it can lead to low stamina. Mood: It is seen that depression and anxiety also impact your stamina level. This is why yoga is also considered one of the best ways to increase stamina as it offers mindful peace. Medical Conditions: Certain respiratory issues such as asthma or heart conditions may cause lower stamina.

Symptoms of Low Stamina

When you perform any strenuous activity, you may have low stamina. So before knowing how to increase stamina, check if you experience the following signs and symptoms: Tiredness after any small activity Weariness Lethargy Fatigue Chest pain Dizziness Shortness of breath Coughing Rapid heart rate

Who Can Do Stamina Exercise?

Anyone with good general health can do exercises to increase stamina. They just require guidance from a health expert to perform stamina building exercises in the right manner to avoid any kind of injury. There are plenty of stamina workouts that can also be done at home without any proper equipment. If you also want to increase stamina at home, try performing yoga for flexibility and stamina along with simple stamina exercises.

Who Should Avoid Stamina Workouts?

Though you can perform a stamina workout, there are some situations when you should avoid workout to increase stamina. You should not do exercises that improve stamina if: You have respiratory issues such as asthma You have heart conditions like coronary artery disease You are a pregnant woman or have recently given birth You have been through a surgery You have an injury related to the spine or any major bone In such situations, you should try to wait till your condition gets better to perform exercises to increase stamina. You can also consult a health expert or gym instructor to guide you on how to increase stamina through diet and other non-strenuous exercises to increase stamina at home.

List of Best Stamina Workouts

There is no one best exercise for increase stamina but a list of stamina building exercises whose combination works in boosting your strength and stamina. Here is a list of such exercises to increase stamina. Take a look: Mountain Climber High Knees Burpees Frog Jumps Jumping Jacks Running

What Exercise Increases Stamina The Most At Home?

Exercising is one of the best ways to increase stamina even when you are at home. Below are some of the stamina building exercises along with directions. Read and try this workout to increase stamina effectively: Mountain Climber: Climbing is a daunting workout and this is where you get to know if you have strong stamina or not. If you are thinking about how to improve your stamina at home by climbing, mountain climbing is the answer for you. It is one of the simplest yet effective exercises that improve stamina. Mountain climber also works on your core muscles, helps in burning calories, and improves heart health. There are various variations of mountain climbers that you can try once you get hold of the classic workout. Step-By-Step Instructions: To perform the classic variation, get into a plank position. Make sure your body weight is evenly distributed on your hands and toes. Engage your core muscles and check your form. Your head, shoulders, spine, legs, toes, and chest should be in alignment. Now, pull your right knee and bring it closer to your chest. Try to pull it as far as you can. Bring the left leg back to its previous position and pull your left leg to the chest. Repeat the pulling in and out while switching legs. Keep your hips down and perform the climbing positions as fast as you can. Keep breathing and stay focused. Sets and Duration: If you are a beginner and are still learning how to increase your stamina, start at a slow pace. Perform 1 or 2 sets with 8-10 reps. High Knees: This is a high-intensity exercise that gets your blood pumped up and activates the core muscles. Most of the HIIT workouts include high jacks due to their effective benefits. It also works great if you are concerned about how to increase your stamina fast. High knees also boost the strength of the legs. The faster you perform high knees, the more calories you burn to lose weight as well. Step-By-Step Instructions: Stand straight with a relaxed body. Your bodyweight should be balanced on both legs. Now, bring your right knee up to your chest. While doing this, raise your left arm in a folding position as if you are running. Switch the legs quickly and bring your left knee to the chest. Similarly, your right arm will raise up. Repeat this pulling of your legs as quickly as you can. Remember to breathe continuously. Sets and Duration: A one-minute high knees workout is good for beginners. Other than that, you can try four sets of 50 high knees to increase stamina and burn calories. Burpees: Another one of exercises to increase stamina, burpees also boost your cardio fitness and burn calories. While burpees are not as popular as push-ups, they are great workouts that focus on the overall muscles of your body. A standard burpee engages your legs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, chest, arms, and shoulders. It can also be performed as a HIIT exercise and offers health benefits such as a stronger heart, improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, decreased risk of heart diseases, better brain function, and improved cholesterol levels. Step-By-Step Instructions: Begin by sitting in a squat position with knees bent. Your back should be straight and your feet should have a shoulder-wide gap. Now, lower your hands and kick back your feet. Your hands and toes will be on the ground just like a push-up position. Keep your body straight from head to toe and do 1 push up. Come back to the squat position with a frog kick. Get up and reach your arms over the head. Jump quickly in the air, keep your legs straight and land on the same spot. Now, as soon as you land on the floor, get into the squat position, and repeat the push-up. Continue this movement of jumping, squatting, and then doing the push-up. One cycle of movement is one burpee for you. Sets and Duration: For beginners who are still figuring out how to increase endurance, six reps per minute are enough. Frog Jumps: Frog jumps are great exercises to increase stamina, strength, and speed. A frog jump works on your hips, legs, things, glutes, and your entire lower body. And since it requires no special equipment, it can be easily done at home. So if you want to know how to increase stamina without going to the gym, you can try frog jumps daily. It will also help you in burning calories and building strong muscles. It also gets your heart rate up and ensures better muscle endurance. Step-By-Step Instructions: Stand straight and then sit in a position with feet having a wide gap in between. Your hands should touch the floor. Now, jump forward and up. Land back on your feet and squat. Now, jump back and return to the initial position. Repeat this jumping forward and backward and this is your one set. Sets and Duration: For beginners, a set of 10-15 reps or 30-sec frog jumps are ideal. Once you have gained expertise, you can increase the sets and duration. Jumping Jacks: Also known as star jump, jumping jacks is an efficient total body workout. This simple and easy-to-do exercise can be done anywhere and can be a perfect answer to how to increase stamina. They are a great addition to any cardio fitness workout you try at home. Like frog jump, jumping jacks are part of plyometrics or jump training. They prove beneficial to your heart, lungs, and lower body muscles. It is also good for your metabolism, stamina, and weight loss. Step-By-Step Instructions: First, stand straight with your legs together. Your hands should rest on the thighs. Bend your knees slightly and open the arms and legs to the side. Keep spreading your hands until they come over your head and your legs are wider than your shoulder. Bring your legs and arms back to the initial position. Repeat this jump at a quick pace. Sets and Duration: Start from low to high intensity. For this, do two sets of 10 reps. When you are experienced, you can do as many as 150-200 reps of jumping jacks. Running: This is one of the simplest things you can do to build your stamina. Just instead of slow and short runs, aim for longer and faster running to increase stamina. Pick up the pace slowly and then accelerate to reach a marathon goal. In case you are looking for how to increase endurance through running, a tempo run can come as a breakthrough. These are longer runs that should be maintained for miles. When you start running to increase stamina, you will also notice calorie burn and lean muscles. Step-By-Step Instructions: Running is easy and can be done by anyone. However, there are some special techniques you should keep in mind to make the most of it: When running, keep your ankles in alignment with your body. Your foot should be underneath your body when it touches the ground. Be a mid-foot striker rather than a heel-striker to reduce chances of injury. Swing your arms symmetrically. An ideal arm swing should be at a 90-degree angle. Keep your chest straight and do not slouch. Sets and Duration: In the beginning, try running for 20 minutes running to increase stamina. You can later increase this duration over time when you gain expertise.

Health Benefits of Increasing Stamina

When you think about “how to increase my stamina”, it is also necessary to think about why I should increase my stamina. There are plenty of amazing benefits that you can get from improved stamina that go beyond strong muscles and an active body. Some of those health benefits of increasing endurance and stamina: Improved mental health Better sleep quality Less fatigue and exhaustion Improved work ability Active sex life Higher body strength

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