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Stay Active

These mobility workouts will help increase your body’s range of motion and bring down overall stiffness of the body.
Mobility Series 1
6 sessions
Get started with basics!
Mobility Series 2
6 sessions
Focus on more stretches, cardio and strength
Mobility Series 3
6 sessions
Dive deeper into mobility
Get Moving - Beginner
6 sessions
Get started with basics
Get Moving- Intermediate
6 sessions
A level higher and intense
Get Moving- Advanced
6 sessions
Dive a level deeper


Happy and healthy, fit and fab! Sounds like a dream? Transform it into reality with our extensive STAY ACTIVE mobility workout series. This well-curated and complete guide to working out at home is sure to give you a kick start into staying fit. The benefits of daily exercise are proven without a doubt to add years to your life. Having a dedicated routine is often difficult, but these power-packed sessions will make you move and encourage you to exercise at home and encourage you to indulge in daily exercises to stay fit.


The main focus of the STAY ACTIVE series is on mobility. These include different exercises that employ mobility tactics to help you keep fit. It instructs on how you can become flexible, loosen stiff joints and improve the overall range of motion of your body. We have developed short, easy to follow sessions starting from the basic workouts for beginners right up to advanced workout routines. The entire series is divided into 6, with 6 fantastic sessions each of around 13mins. Mobility I: Includes a variety of exercises like Cat Camel, Inch Worm, T turn, Knees to the elbow, Hip Bridge etc. These are categorized under beginner’s exercise which acts as a warm-up session to get those joints working! Mobility II: This group includes stretching exercises like Sideline T stretch, Dynamic frog stretch, butt kicks and squats among others. They pay specific attention to all the joints and by the end of these stretching sessions, your body gets extremely energised. You can safely conclude that stretching helps in relieving stress as well. Mobility III: This is one of the advance workouts that you undertake once you’re warmed up. This session aims at building strength and increasing the agility of your body with exercises like Ankle mover, squats, Deep lunges and Frog stretch. Get Moving Beginner: This series includes the exercises to stay fit when you’re spending too much time at the desk. Well, trained experts walk you through these flexibility exercises at a fine pace. Hence, the risk of injury is minimised. Get Moving Intermediate: Bird dog hold, sumo squat, side plank arm reach. Don’t get panicked by these names! They are slightly advanced flexibility exercises that enable you to push your body a bit more. These sessions highlight the importance of moving well and improving your muscle strength as you continue. Get Moving Advanced: Star jump, Cossack squat and Superman crawl are some of the high voltage, endurance testing exercises included in these sessions. Take your body to the maximum that you can and achieve exemplary energy and better health.


Each of these sessions is carefully charted and planned to take you from the beginner to the advanced level with ease. Learn from experts who have been involved in training many others and well versed with the best exercises that help you stay fit. Each session takes up only around 15 minutes of your time and you have the freedom to do it at the comfort of your home. Once you have a head start, you can also encourage children who are exercise enthusiasts with our Cult Junior guide which instructs on child-friendly, simple exercises.


Exercise has a positive impact on your body and mind. With the right guidance and an effective workout guide, daily exercise can become a part of your life. Exercise improves your overall health and adds years to your life. It helps you remain agile, flexible and active. It conditions your mood in a positive way and aids in possessing a healthy mind without stress. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help improve your sleep cycle as well.

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