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Get Your Full Splits

Get Your Full Splits

05 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

52 Min

Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch , Child Pose


Session 2

55 Min

Seated Hamstring Stretch , Lizard stretch


Session 3

54 Min

Inch Worm, Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch , Pigeon Pose


Session 4

57 Min

Seated Hamstring Stretch , Air Squat


Session 5

52 Min

Lunges, Pigeon Pose

About this pack

Workouts focused on improving flexibility of the lower body as well as mobility and balance of the entire body.


Improve mobility and flexibility of the Entire Body

Stretch the Entire Body, especially the Hip Flexor

Increase Endurance and Strengthen Lower Body

What are Splits?

The splits exercise through a difficult position is not something that cannot be achieved. It is a position in which the legs are in line and in the opposite direction. The inner thighs form a 180-degree angle when done properly. A person who is in this position is said to be doing ‘splits’. To execute a split workout routine, there is a need for flexibility in the hamstring and the iliopsoas muscles. Splits exercise is one of the most difficult tasks to do and requires a lot of flexibility and agility. Additionally, it requires a lot of practice to get it right without getting hurt. Read below to know more about the splits exercise.

What is Splits Exercise?

The splits exercise routine is a set of exercises that help in stretching the leg muscles to improve their agility and strength. A good split workout routine will help to open up the hips, thigh, and pelvic muscles which are much needed to do the splits. A split workout routine will usually have: Half split: Front split Middle slit Jumping split

How effectively can we do Splits exercise at home

Most people can do splits exercise at home after slowly developing flexibility over time and stretching for splits. There is a misconception that most people are physically incapable of doing it. The only exception where one should avoid doing splits is those with Coxa Vora which is a physical deformity of the hips. All others irrespective of their age can do leg split exercise but older people take longer to perform than younger people as there is a decrease in flexibility. Yoga pose for flexibility or pilates can help improve agility and achieve the goal of doing splits.

Who can do Splits Exercise?

Splits exercise is commonly done by people who do athletic activities. The leg split exercise is done by: Dancers Gymnasts Martial artists Cheerleaders Synchronized swimmers Apart from the above professionals, a full body split workout can also be done by everyone but it needs a high degree of flexibility and also stretching for splits. People who do Yoga for strength, Surya Namaskar, or dance fitness usually do the splits exercise as part of their routine workout.

List of Splits Exercise

Here is a list of full body split workout exercises that help develop flexibility as well as improves the range of motion: Straddle stretch Split squat exercise Seated forward fold Butterfly stretch Hamstring stretch Frog stretch Low lunge stretch Monkey pose Seated forward bend pose Low lunge Lizard lunge Hand to the big toe pose

What Splits exercises to do at home?

Training for splits takes a lot of patience and practice. To start off one needs to do some stretching for splits before proceeding to do it. Warm-up Exercises Before you begin the stretching exercises start with a warmup. A light jog or some yoga poses for about 5 minutes will help increase the body temperature and also help in blood circulation. Squats, jumps, etc can be done before split squat exercise. Without a warm-up, there is a risk of injury and the stretches will be ineffective. Runner’s Lunge This is stretching for splits especially the front splits and opens up the hip flexors. Steps Stand with feet together. Place your right leg forward and left leg extended behind. The right knee should be lowered to the ground and should be above the ankle. The left hip should feel the stretch. Repeat the same on the other side Reps Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds on each side. Repeat this 2 to 3 times on either side. Benefits It adds strength to the knees, glutes, quads, and hips, and groin. It prepares the body for other stretches. Side lunge This is another stretching exercise with many benefits and is the best workout split. Steps Stand with feet together. Step to your right with the knee above your ankle Keep the left hand on the ground and use the right to push your knee. Repeat the same on the other side Reps: Hold on each side for around 30 seconds and repeat on each side three times. Benefits: It helps to strengthen the hips, quadriceps, and adductor muscles. It helps a great deal in coordination and increases balance. Straddle stretch Straddle stretch is important for people who spend a lot of time sitting and is the best workout split. It is a major part of the split squat exercise. Steps Sit on the floor with your knees straight and legs out. Bend the upper body towards the floor with your arm stretched forward. Get back to the sitting position and bring the legs to a butterfly position. Reps: Do this 3 to 5 times. Benefits: It is the best workout split as it improves straddle flexibility and also opens up the lungs.

Benefits of Splits Exercise

There are many benefits of the splits exercise. It includes: Opening of the hip flexors helps in increasing the range of motion and performing daily activities without any pain. Leg split exercise stretches the inner thighs and helps in strengthening the legs. So if you are a biker, runner, or hiker or use your legs a lot it helps in doing those activities easily. Leg split workout increases the overall flexibility by opening the hamstrings, quads, calves, pelvis, and hips. Leg split workout helps in better balance and prevents falls and injuries. A full body split workout prevents better blood circulation and muscle strength of the involuntary muscles.

Disadvantages of Split Exercise

There are no specific disadvantages of Split exercise. The only caution is that it should not be done forcefully and should only be done after developing the right flexibility

Dos and Dont’s of Split exercises

Dos Mobilize your joints well before doing splits Do stretches on both sides to have a balanced flexibility Dont’s Avoid doing over splits Don’t bounce in any stretching position

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