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Arms, Chest and Back I

Arms, Chest and Back I

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

18 Min

Pike Push Up, Arm Circle, Reverse Plank


Session 2

18 Min

Side Plank, Alternating Plank to Push Up, Reverse Sweep


Session 3

18 Min

Push Ups, Alternating Crab Hold, Reverse Fly


Session 4

17 Min

Push Up with Rotation, Reverse Plank, Reverse Fly


Session 5

18 Min

Diamond Push Up, Alternating Punches, Reverse Sweep


Session 6

18 Min

Hindu Push Up, Alternating Crab Hold, Single Leg Plank

About this pack

Arms, Chest and Back muscles, in addition to aesthetics , play a crucial role in everyday life. Strong chest and back muscles along with toned arms and shoulders will help you breeze through everyday chores.


Decreases discomfort caused by everyday routine tasks

Improve the body's range of motion and flexibility

Helps tone muscles

What is Arms?

Arms are the upper limbs of the body. They consist of four main parts. They are: Upper arm Forearm Hand Wrist

What is Arms Workout?

Exercising the body's arms to add size and strength to the significant parts of the biceps and triceps are called effective arms workouts. Arm exercises also involve building a more robust and bigger chest and back as it all begins by training all the body parts. As otherwise, it will become too tough for the person to develop the routine. Arms workouts are essential for both men and women as it concentrates on the shoulder of the body, which elevates the overall personality of any person. And all arms workouts will also include chest workouts and back exercises to strengthen the entire core. One should be aware of the fact that biceps are the show muscle for any physique. Biceps tend to show a marked difference faster than both triceps and forearms. Hence, exercise to reduce arm fat must be done and well developed and trained to give the desired sexy arms. Arm workouts at home can be easily performed with various online guides and are not very difficult, like aiming at other programs such as 6 pack abs and other lower body or oblique exercises.

How Effectively Can We Do Arms Workout at Home?

Arms workouts are the easiest ones to kick start, and arm workouts at home can be done without expert guidance. Arm exercises at home are useful and can be done almost anywhere without many requirements. Dumbbells and weight are an added advantage if you own them, but they are not mandatory. Arm workouts at home should start with the warm-up routines that might be any form of cardio or even basic simple movements. Then the exercise to reduce arm fat without dumbbells can be followed, and it can anything like: Inchworms Plank to push-up Dips Incline push-ups Arm circles Plank sidewalk Kickboxing punches With dumbbells, arm strengthening exercises one can do are: Bicep curls Overhead tricep extension Lateral arise Bent-over row Standing tricep kickbacks The effectiveness of these arm workouts at home depends on how the consistency of the person. And the main factor to see real results through arm exercises at home is following a healthy diet. Diets and exercise are a winning pair in the long run, and one without the other is highly impossible.

Who Can Do Arms Workout?

Arms workouts are done by people who have puny arms and want to make them bigger and massive or have thick and flabby arms who wish to tighten and tone them and make them look more proportionate. For women who want to go sleeveless with confidence, then arm workouts for women are the right choice to strengthen, firm, and shape those arm muscles. Lifting weight will speed up the process, and arm exercises at home will be the best choice for women. When it comes to men, biceps and triceps are the essential fitness statement. So whosoever want to have high volume arms to pump them up to achieve those popeye arms should never fail to follow the arm exercises for men.

Who Should Avoid Arms Workouts?

There can be nobody who will want to avoid arms workouts. Even though they have a strong and good looking arm, exercising it further will help build a more attractive and toned arm. Generally, it is only advised for people with any health condition linked with their arms or shoulder to avoid arms workouts. They are: Athletes who are already training can skip these workouts as they will build the necessary arm strength through their basic exercises, and arm exercises further will end up being a waste of time and energy to focus more on recovery. New lifters should avoid direct arms workouts and concentrate more on basic lifts. People with recent recovering hand fractures should avoid these arm exercises as their bones will be fragile and take time to repair completely. Older adults who have got their arm muscles or bones strained must stay away from arm exercises. Complete recovery is impossible concerning their age. Patients with their hand ligaments torn should not perform vigorous arms workouts as it will worsen the situation even further and may develop permanent damage. Neck problems will get aggravated when the shoulder muscles are worked up, and so people with any neck issues should never take up these arms workouts without help and guidance. People with spine problems must take extra care before carrying weights and dumbbells, as anything done wrong with arm exercises will flare up the pain. Arm exercises at home are recommended to be avoided by people above 50 without any supervision.

List of Best Arms Workouts

Few of the selected and best arms workouts done in a gym to give the best results are: Barbell Bicep Curl Dumbbell Preacher Curl Cable Bicep Curl Skull Crusher Cable Triceps Pushdown Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Arms Workout Stepwise

Barbell Bicep Curl: Stand with your chest up. Brace the core and hold the barbell with the hands outside the hip area. Make use of an underhand grip, raise the hands with the barbell, and feel the biceps getting engaged. Move it from the up to the shoulder level and lower it down and repeat the process. These are lovely arm workouts for men and can be done by starting with 2 sets with 10 reps. Gradually, it can be increased, and the time taken for this exercise depends on the person's convenience and core strength. Dumbbell Preacher Curl: Set up the bench or curl station to zero space between the underarms and the bench. Get glued to the curl station and work on those arms using the dumbbells. Raise the upper arm from the elbow focussing on the biceps. Start with doing 1 set with 10 reps and then gradually increase the count, and these are another set of best arm workouts for men. Cable Bicep Curl: These arm workouts for women are an isolation exercise focussing on the upper arm bicep muscle. It is performed with the help of the cable machine and can be done even by beginners. One should stand facing the device, and the cable should be fixed to the bottom with an appropriate weight depending on the weight of the person doing it. Then the handle is pulled with the feet flat on the ground. It can be done in variation with either one or both hands. This can be done for ten minutes with 2 sets and 15 reps each for beginners. Skull Crusher: There are many types of this, which is an essential exercise for the triceps. By using the bench and dumbbells or barbells, these are done by raising the weight over the head using the elbows and bringing them back to the chest. They may seem easy, but these are a little strenuous when performed; hence 1 set with 10 reps is best to start with, and then the counts should be increased, and stronger women can also do these arm workouts for men. Cable Triceps Pushdown: These arm exercises for women again makes use of the cable machine where it is set with the appropriate weights and by placing it in position so that the person pulls the handle from the top and pushes it downwards against the resistance. These arm workouts for women strengthen the triceps in the back of the arm and can be started with 2 sets of 20 reps. Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension: This is done with dumbbells of necessary weight initially by standing with the feet wide apart than the shoulders. The dumbbells are held in front and then raise above the head until they reach behind the head. The arms are straight and completely stretched out. Care should be taken so that the elbows are not wide apart, and the upper arm remains in the same place throughout. Now the dumbbells are brought back to the starting position and repeat. Start with 2 sets of 8 reps each and then aim for 4 sets of 12 reps. These arm exercises for women and men will perform wonders when done with utmost sincerity.

Benefits of Doing Arms Workouts

The various benefits of doing arms workouts are: Training muscles and toning them will burn more calories, and this will aid weight loss. Arm exercises are an excellent way to strengthen the core as the abdomen's muscles will be engaged while performing these actions. Strengthening the arms and making them stronger will make anyone perform all their daily activities efficiently with less effort. Therefore powerful arms achieved with arms workouts may help in doing routines like carrying kids and other heavy objects, laundry, driving, etc. Arm strength will enhance and help the person do other workouts with balance and increased results. This may refer to activities like swimming, running, yoga, tennis, and other sports. Strength training will boost bone density and therefore make them stay healthy. Hence arms workouts are very much essential for women and older adults. Toned arms are the best confidence for anyone, and hence it will encourage the person to wear anything showing off their muscle and boost their esteems even more. According to the AHA, pumped up arms with the right arm exercises will give rise to a healthy heart. Arm exercises will increase a person's endurance levels and adds up more strength to the upper body.

Disadvantages of Doing Arms Workouts

There are few disadvantages in doing arms workouts, and to name a few, they are: Arm exercises will lead to shoulder injuries because of the biceps tendon's inflammation, which is mostly seen during a bench press. Best arm workouts take a long time to recover, which hinders the person from doing his other exercises properly. Slow recovery from arm strengthening exercises will lead to more pain and a prolonged period, reducing the overall exercise routine.

Dos & Don'ts

Dos that are to be followed during exercise to reduce arm fat are: Breathe out while lifting the weight and breathe in a while, lowering them. Take sufficient breaks and rest and plan the arms workouts accordingly. Balance the other parts of the body workouts also along with the exercise to reduce arm fat. Perform the exercises correctly in proper form until one's stamina lasts to get better results. Try to lift only the appropriate amount of weight and do not go overboard instantly. Gradually increase the amount of weight and intensity of the workout. Don'ts that should be understood before taking these exercises are: Do not skip the warm-up sessions in any situation. This is because the cold muscles are more liable to injuries than the warm ones. Do not hurry with the workouts, take it slow. Please do not overdo it and stop once you start feeling the fatigue. Additional sets will lead to injury. Do not ignore the pain. Give time for the body to recover and then start over again. Do not forget the shoes as they are the ones that provide support and protection to the body from slipping.

Things Required to Do Arms Workout if You Are at Home & Gym?

An individual does not need any special equipment except his lifting gloves and personal accessories like an energy drink and refreshing items like towels when in the gym to perform arms workouts. But when one is performing arms workouts at home, he/she will have to invest in dumbbells or barbells for more visible results. If one is hesitant about this equipment, one can perform those arm exercises that do not require these with simple yoga mats and elbow sleeves at the comfort of home. Arms Workouts focus on building huge and toned arms with a complete bicep, tricep, and forearm workout plan to achieve those sleeve busting biceps, toned triceps, and forearms. Exercise to reduce arm fat is the fundamental ideology of performing arms workouts.

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