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Arms Chest and Back II

Arms Chest and Back II

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

18 Min

YTW, Sphinx Push Up, Table Top


Session 2

18 Min

Reverse Push Up, Sumo Squat Deltoid Circles, Raised Side Plank


Session 3

18 Min

Reverse Fly, Sprawl and Punch, Half Push Up Hold


Session 4

18 Min

Plank to Push Up, Crab Reach, Burpees


Session 5

18 Min

Sphinx Push Up, Sumo Squat Arm Drill, Raised Side Plank


Session 6

18 Min

Sprawl and Punch, Table Top, Half Push Up Hold

About this pack

Arms, Chest and Back muscles, in addition to aesthetics , play a crucial role in everyday life. Strong chest and back muscles along with toned arms and shoulders will help you breeze through everyday chores.


Decreases discomfort caused by everyday routine tasks

Improve the body's range of motion and flexibility

Helps tone muscles

Chest Workout

When it comes to building muscles people always prioritize building arms, legs, and core muscles and neglect the other areas like the chest and the back. There are many benefits of working on the chest muscles. Read below to learn all about the chest workout:

What are the Chest Muscles?

The chest muscles and the upper back are present in the thoracic region. These muscles are present below the neck and above the abdominal region. It also includes the shoulder muscles too. These are useful in controlling motions of the arms and the head like raining the hand, throwing a ball, etc. It also controls breathing which is a vital body function. The chest muscles are present on each side of the sternum and are made up of: Pectoralis major: It is the muscle in the upper chest and is the most dominant muscle. It is fan-shaped and goes up to the collarbone from the armpit to down the lower chest. The breastbone connects the two sides of the pectoralis major. It is the muscles that help to move the shoulder joint in different directions and also to attach the arms to the body. Injuries can happen to these, though the rate and decrease the strength of the muscle. Pectoralis minor: The pectoralis minor is present beneath the pectoralis major. It is triangle shaped and runs along the upper ribs. The muscles include: Trapezius: The muscles that go across the back, shoulder, and neck. Rhomboid major: It helps in moving the shoulder Infraspinatus: It is a rotator cuff muscle that helps to move the arm up and down. Teres major: Helps to rotate the upper arm Serratus anterior: It helps to keep the shoulder blade against the chest wall. Deltoid: It gives shape to the arm and helps to rotate and raise the arm. Latissimus dorsi: These muscles help to move the arm towards and away from the body.

What are Chest Workouts?

A chest is a group of ‘pushing muscles’ present in the upper body. It helps to do all the pushing actions including lifting arms to pick up something from the top shelf to moving a piece of furniture. It is thus essential to develop your chest muscles through proper chest workouts so that you can easily do all the daily activities as well as tone your body to look great. To develop this group of muscles one should include chest exercise in your workouts at least twice a week. The focus should not just be on the major muscles but also on the smaller muscles. The best chest workout is the one that works on from all angles to get the maximum benefits.

How Effectively can you do a Chest Workout at Home?

Most people are of the opinion that the only way to build a stronger chest muscle is to lift weights. But it is a misconception that you can build your arms and chest only by lifting a dumbbell or weight. It can be done without these and at home provided you know how to do proper chest workouts. Moreover, for doing a chest workout at home there is no need for any home kit to do the chest workout and is based on strength and conditioning. A mix of press-up variations and other oblique exercises can work out the chest muscles and arms in various angles and provide the upper body strength. Additionally, the best chest workout is the one that can be done anywhere and anytime without the need to go to a gym to do lower chest exercises, back exercises or upper chest exercises to get the perfect 6 Pack Abs.

Who can do Chest Workouts?

A Chest workout at home or at the gym is essential to have a strong upper body and hence anyone looking to have a bigger chest and stronger muscles should add these into the training routine. Chest training was considered a domain mainly of the men but off-late experts suggest that chest workouts for women are also extremely beneficial. There is a myth that it is bad for women but it is a good idea to have chest training. Even the basic chest workouts help in: Increasing the heart rate up Builds the upper-body strength Get the right well-toned body. Avoid injury to the upper body due to an off-balance workout of only training your core, back, arms, and legs. Helps to burn more calories Chest workouts are essential for: Runners Weightlifters Bodybuilders Sportspersons

Who Should Avoid Chest Workouts?

The chest workouts can be done by any healthy individual looking to build upper body strength. Those who have suffered an injury to the chest or shoulders due to an accident or other events should seek the consultation of an expert before doing chest workouts, to know the exercises that can be done. Chest workouts for men and women should do proper warmup exercises before starting chest exercises to prevent injuries. Sore muscles are common during the Chest workout at home but if there is pain then the exercises are not being performed properly. Stop doing the Chest workout at home workout if you are in pain as it can lead to injury.

List of Chest Workout at Home or at a Gym

Here is a list of chest exercises with/without weights: Standard pushups Easy pushups Decline pushups Plyometric pushups Wide push-ups Diamond pushups One leg pushups Dumbbell bench press One arm one leg dumbbell row Standard Pushups It is among the oldest chest exercises but a fantastic chest workout and is also called a press up and is a great upper chest workout. Steps: Lie on the floor face-down with your hands in line with the shoulders. Extend the arms so that they are straight, now get on your toes keeping the heels in a straight line to your neck. The back should be straight and the hips unflexed. To do the push-up, bend your elbows and get the chest close to the floor. The legs and back should be straight. Reps: Three sets of 10 reps of these chest exercises taking a break each rep. Goal: It should be ideal chest exercises at home but it should be done as slow as possible and in a controlled manner. It is also a good lower chest workout. Get as many reps as possible to get maximum benefits. Easy Pushups This is an easy version of the push-ups for chest and is among the best chest exercises. for beginners or those who are doing it at home. Also, if you are unable to do the standard pushups this is an easy option. Once you master this you can move up to a more advanced upper chest workout. Steps: Lie on the floor face down keeping the shoulders in line with the toes. Instead of being on toes as in the earlier exercise, be on your knees. Now get the chest as close to the floor and go back to the start position with your arms straight. Instead of doing it on the floor, it can be done on a higher plain like the chair seat. Reps: Three reps of set 10 each. Goal: This is among the ideal chest exercises for beginners who are unable to do the standard pushups properly. One can graduate to the higher versions of chest exercises at home once you get a hold of this exercise. Decline pushups Steps: It is the opposite of the push-ups for chest and is among the best and effective chest workouts. The hands should be on the floor and the feet raised. Rest on a bench or a sofa to make things easy. The elbows should be at 45 degrees The legs and back should be straight. Tighten the core and bend your elbows and lower the chest to the floor. Push up and get back to the starting position. Reps: 20 reps of these chest exercises of 2 to 4 sets. Chest workouts for men will have more reps than chest workouts for women. Goal: These chest exercises at home are done to target the upper chest muscles. These chest exercises are harder than the standard pushup as it adds more bodyweight. It is a good lower chest workout. Plyometric pushups As you advance in your chest exercises at home, the plyometric pushups are great chest exercises that can increase the intensity and take things up a notch higher. Steps Get into the pose of the standard pushups and lower the chest to the floor Push yourself up with force so that your hands are off the floor. You can also clap your hands during the pushup. Land on the floor lightly so that the wrists do not get hurt. This tricky version of pushup needs a solid technique and needs to be done properly. Reps: Start off with 5 reps for 2 or 3 sets if you are new to it and then increase it to 10 reps. Goal: This is among the best chest exercises that help in increasing upper body strength. It also helps in cardio fitness, building agility, endurance, stamina, and burning more calories. It is also great for a lower chest workout as well as an upper chest workout. Wide pushups It is another simple push up for chest but effective chest exercise that can be done at home. Steps: Lie face down with your toes and forearms on the floor. The elbows should be under the shoulders and the forearms facing forward. Place your hands wider than the shoulders. The fingers should be slightly outside or fingers forward. Bend your elbows to the side and lower your body to the floor. When the chest is just below the elbows pause. Press your hands, engage the core, and lift your body back to the start. Reps: If this is chest workouts for men 8 to 15 repetitions of 1 to 3 sets. Chest workouts for women will have lesser reps but the same number of sets. Goal: The wide pushups is another of the best chest exercises that help in increasing the endurance and muscle strength in the shoulders, upper arm, and chest. It is among the upper chest workout routine as it builds upper body strength. Diamond pushups It is a difficult variation of the standard pushups and is counted among the best chest exercises. Steps: Get into the plank position by extending the legs behind you and your hands under the shoulders. Place the hands close together and spread the fingers to form a diamond shape using the index fingers. Lower the chest towards the floor keeping the back flat. Press back by extending your arm and get back to the plank. Repeat. Reps: It is ideal for lower chest exercises and can be done for 1 to 3 sets of 10 reps. Goal: It helps to increase chest strength, core strength, and arm workouts. One-leg pushups This is another advanced chest workout exercise that can seriously test your upper body strength. Steps: Get into a pugs-up position with the hands placed flat on the ground shoulder-width apart, The neck, heels, and legs should be in a straight line. Lift one leg off the ground, bend the elbows, and lower the body to the floor. The chest should be about 2 inches away from the ground. Push your body to the starting position and then lower the leg to the ground. Repeat the same with the other leg. Reps: 10 to 12 reps of 1 to 3 sets depending on the level of expertise. Goal: Strengthens the upper body especially the core, hips, and shoulders. Bench Press It is an exercise that has to be done with a dumbbell and is a great lower chest workout. Steps: Lie down on your back on a bench. Hold the dumbbells at chest level with the palms facing the feet. Raise the dumbbells up until your elbows are locked and then lower it back slowly. Breath in when lowering it back and breathe out when raising it. Reps: Aim for 10 to 12 reps of 3 sets. Goal: It is an effective exercise for increasing muscle mass and upper body strength. One arm one leg dumbbell row This exercise tells you how good your body balance is and it also challenges the chest, lats, and hamstring. Steps: Stand on one leg, grip a stable surface which is in the front with one hand. Bend dropping the chest, lift the leg opposite to the freehand. Hold a dumbbell in the free hand and pull it to the side of the waist. Lower the dumbbell and get back to the start. Switch sides. Reps: Do 10 reps on each side Goal: It is a total-body exercise that tests your body balance

Benefits of Chest workouts

There are many benefits to performing chest workouts. Some of them are: It helps in a better posture Strengthens and lengthens the chest muscles and helps in better breathing Builds more muscles around the breast tissue and helps in providing more support and lift. Helps in everyday activities like lifting, pushing, squeezing, and more. Tones the muscles and makes them look healthy. The best chest workout helps to burn more calories making you look leaner and fitter.

Disadvantages of doing Chest Workouts

There are no major disadvantages of chest workouts. The lack of benefits can be due to not working out properly (wrong technique, poor posture, etc) or choosing the wrong exercises that do not involve all the chest muscles.

Do’s and Don’ts of Chest Workouts

Do’s Do a warm-up before you start the workout Work on all the angels and muscles of the chest Lower chest exercises and upper chest muscles should be targeted. Do include light workouts to complement heavy work. It helps in a full range of motion. Don’t Do not get used to certain equipment, mix, and match your exercises. Do not overtrain Do not do too much bench press

Things Required to Do Chest Workouts if You Are at Home & Gym?

Chest workouts can be done at home without any types of equipment or using your humble dumbbell. Things needed for chest workout at the gym: Dumbbell set Training bench Barbell set Pull up bar or frame Kettlebell set Rowing machine Fitness ball Bands and tubes if you are doing rehab exercises.

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