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HIIT -  Beginner

HIIT - Beginner

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

10 Min

Jumping Jacks, High Plank T Rotation, Burpees


Session 2

10 Min

Jumping T's, Plank Shoulder Tap, Sprawl


Session 3

10 Min

High Knees, Plank Leg Lift, Quick Feet to Star Jump


Session 4

10 Min

Lateral High Knees, Beast Walk, Star Jumps


Session 5

10 Min

Jumping Jack, Plank Off, Tuck Jumps


Session 6

10 Min

High Knees, Beast to Plank, Split Lunges

About this pack

This beginner’s s pack of High Intensity Interval training trains you in short bursts along with short recovery periods. This format is excellent in burning that stubborn fat in lesser time. The movements are simple and easy to execute. The sessions consist of 10 main movements followed by cool down. Let’s get Started!


Burn Fat with High Intensity Interval Training

High Calorie Burn

Enhance Cardiovascular Endurance

What is HIIT Workout Beginner?

HIIT exercises for beginners are the combination of short bursts of intense exercises and lower-intensity exercise. Interestingly, these exercises are considered to be one of the best fat burning exercises. Apart from burning fat, HIIT exercises for beginners are also good for building endurance. In the term “HIIT workouts beginner”, HIIT stands for ‘high-intensity interval training’. A few examples of HIIT workouts beginner are burpees, sprint, sprinting, jump rope, biking, and other cardio exercises.

How Effectively Can We Do HIIT Workout at Home?

For beginner HIIT workout no equipment is required. Hence, these exercises can be effectively done at home. There are some exercise to reduce belly fat like biking and jump rope that require equipment like bicycle and rope but these types of equipment are very affordable and can be easily available at home.

Who Can Do HIIT Workout?

As these workouts do not require expertise or extra equipment, almost everyone can do a HIIT workout routine for beginners. However, if you have an injury in the spine, muscles, or if you are pregnant, you should avoid doing high intensity interval training for beginners.

List of Best HIIT Workout

HIIT beginner workout includes a range of exercises that focus on the high-calorie burn. Here is a list of the HIIT workouts beginner can do: Jumping Jacks High Plank T Rotation Burpees High Knees Beast to Plank Split Lunges

Benefits of Doing HIIT Workout

Here are the most effective benefits of HIIT beginner or interval training for beginners: High calorie burn in a short time Improved cardiovascular health Effective weight loss Reduced heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure

Disadvantages of Doing HIIT Workout

Below are some of the disadvantages you can expect from high intensity interval training for beginners: Overtraining and excessive HIIT workouts for beginners at home may lead to injuries. Some people may also witness gastrointestinal stress after performing HIIT for beginners at home. You may experience muscle soreness and aches after HIIT workouts beginner.

Dos & Don’ts

Dos Always perform a warm up whether you are doing HIIT workouts beginner or advanced. Limit your high intensity interval training for beginners to just 20 minutes for at least 2-3 times per week. Seek consultation from an expert even for HIIT for beginners at home. Take a protein-rich diet during your high intensity interval training for beginners. Don’ts Do not overdo HIIT workouts for beginners at home as it can cause injury. You can start with a 15 minute HIIT workout for beginners and then increase the time. Do not neglect rest even during HIIT beginner session. Avoid focusing on just one muscle group even during HIIT for weight loss for beginners.

Things Required to Do HIIT Workout if You Are at Home & Gym?

In most of the beginner HIIT workout, no equipment is required other than a mat whether you do it at the gym or home. However, do wear comfortable shoes and clothes during HIIT workouts beginner.

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