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Mindfulness Library
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5 Minute Meditations
Panic? Anxiety? We have you all covered with these short 5 minute meditations. Dive in!
8 Packs
Meditation - Foundation
Get started with meditation! This series will guide you through the basic skills of meditation and help you explore mindfulness.
6 Packs
Sleep Stories
Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these stories will help you relax to drift into a peaceful and deep sleep.
2 Packs
Yoga- Pranayama
This Pranayama series contains breath practices which have the potential to effect the gross body.
4 Packs
Meditation - Focus
It's the present that matters! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this meditation series will help you bring your attention to the present moment by improving focus and concentration.
4 Packs
Meditation - Stress Reduction
Say no to stress with this series! The various packs created by Dr. Shyam Bhat will help you manage stressful thoughts and feel more relaxed.
6 Packs
Yoga for Relaxations and Stress Release
A series which will guide you through asana, pranayama and savasana addressing the body, mind and breath
1 Pack
Meditation for Kids
This series led by Prasiddha Ramarao would serve as a wonderful start for your child's meditation journey. The language is simple and engaging and something that would captures a child's imagination
3 Packs
Difficult Emotions
This pack by Prasiddha Ramarao addresses the fact that strong emotions do not have to be scary. Emotions often tell us that we need to take care of ourselves, so denying or suppressing them harms rather than helps us. This series explores six common emotions – often seen as difficult or troublesome – utilising different techniques to work through them. Please remember that meditation is not a replacement for professional help. If you have any mental health questions or concerns, please consult a qualified mental health expert for guidance.
1 Pack
Meditation - Sleep
Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this series will help you relax to drift into a peaceful and deep sleep.
3 Packs
Meditation - Yoga Nidra
This series uses the pre-meditative practices of Yoga Nidra to help deepen relaxation. You are bound to wake up refreshed!
4 Packs
Music for Mindfulness
Music for the mind! Stress, sleep or focus, let music cover it all.
3 Packs
The Asana Library
Browse our extensive yoga asana library, with a vast collection of postures with clear instructions on how to get into it, how to safely get out of it, and their benefits
5 Packs
Yoga Nidra by Shobhit Raj
Join Shobhit Raj for a 45-minute audio guided Yoga Nidra, a powerful practice which holds the key to inner transformation.
1 Pack
Walking Meditation
A guide to walking mindfully, transforming the simple act of walking by staying present in the moment- created by Dr Shyam Bhat
1 Pack
Emotional health in a global crisis
The world is facing an unprecedented situation and we are all feeling the effects on our emotional health. In these sessions, Dr. Shyam shares practices and insights that will help you deal with the stress and anxiety of today's times
1 Pack
Happiness by Nithya Shanti
A meditation series by Nithya Shanti on the small yet significant aspects of life. This series will help in appreciating the joy derived from the smallest aspects of life.
1 Pack
Breathing Practices
Join Shobhit Raj for a 45-minute audio guided Pranayama, in a holistic session of joint warmup, spinal activation, Pranayama practise or breath work, seated stillness and relaxation
1 Pack
A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)
This series by Anvita Dixit focuses on the foundational Meditation techniques of breath awareness, body consciousness and Visualisation. It serves as a toolkit for a beginner practitioner to get started with a regular Meditation practice.
1 Pack
Chit Shakti Meditation
Created by Sadhguru, the Chit Shakti meditations encourage us to use the power of our minds to create the life that we desire. The four guided meditations in this series will help you manifest love, health, peace and success in your life.
4 Packs
Meditation - Intermediate
Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these meditations are your next step  after the foundation series! Learn to handle distractions and mind wandering, and discover the power of  “metacognition”.
4 Packs
Meditation - Relationships
Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these guided meditations will enhance and renew your relationships, and help you heal from a breakup, by connecting with love, empathy, forgiveness and compassion!
4 Packs
Personal Growth
Learn to love yourself! Jump right in to discover the power of self esteem with meditation, created by Dr.Shyam Bhat.
2 Packs
Practice Gratitude
The mother of all emotions! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this series will help you develop gratitude and thankfulness in your life
2 Packs
Practice Meditation - Advanced
Continue your practice of meditation with less guidance and more silence. Best done after completion of the Foundation and Intermediate series. Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat.
1 Pack
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