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Power To Create Peace

Power To Create Peace

01 Session

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Power to Create - Peace

18 Min

About this pack

In this guided Chit Shakti meditation, Sadhguru guides us on how to simplify our life and bringing peace within us. Disclaimer: Through this content, Cure.fit is solely promoting the practice of meditation and its benefits. Cure.fit in no way promotes or associate with any specific political or religious beliefs.


Reduce stress and anxiety

Experience greater peace and calm

Improved sense of well-being

Power To Create Peace - Meditation For Peace

Power to create peace is a type of meditation for peace, and this can be done by creating what we want with the mind using its power. This is called the Chit Shakthi and was stated by Sadhguru as a form of inner peace meditation.

What is Peace?

Peace can be defined as freedom from disturbance and a stress-free state of mind.

What is Power To Create Peace?

Power to create peace is done with meditation for peace wherein it uses one's thoughts, emotions, and energies and organizing the body accordingly to create and manifest what we want in life.

Why Should I Perform Meditation for Peace?

Meditation for peace should be performed as: Inner meditation reduces stress and all the worldly problems that make you anxious, tense, and worried. Meditation for peace of mind helps to restore one's inner peace and calmness. Meditation for peace promotes emotional health in a person by creating a positive mood and outlook. Self-discipline and healthy sleep patterns are achieved through meditation for peace. One develops concentration and also increases pain tolerance with peace and meditation.

Who Should Perform Meditation for Peace?

Meditation for peace is for confused people, stressed, facing anxiety, depressed, and highly unsatisfied with their lives. They should, by all means, learn to meditate and grow to be composed and calm.

How Can Meditation Be Effective for Peace?

Inner peace meditation brings peace to mind and soul as it is a robust process of self-transformation. It is a habitual process of meditation for mental peace by training the mind to focus and redirect the thoughts, making them forget all their problems and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

What is the List of Meditation Activities to be done to Achieve Peace?

What a person should do while performing mediation for peace is: The first step for meditation for peace will be to sit on the floor with the legs crossed, hands on the thighs with the palms facing up, and closing the eyes. Breathing with appropriate inhaling and exhaling helps to relax both mind and body. The next step will be the meditation for peace of mind and concentration, where the person is expected to imagine that he is a hollow vacuum with no worldly problems. He/She is expected to relax the whole of the body, starting from the top of the head to the tip of the toe, and think that he/she is full of freedom and peace. Feeling peacefulness is the next step where the person is asked to focus on the centre of the body and imagine a bright light radiating from it. Keep reciting a phrase for more concentration. The last step for meditation for peace of mind is to imagine that the light is starting to radiate slowly from the centre through all the things near us and almost everything. By performing this planetary peace meditation, we will change the world and bring true inner peace by sending purity from our still minds to other people's suffering.

How Meditation for Peace Helps In Daily Routine Life?

Morning meditation practice for peace helps in daily life by: Improving self-awareness and self-esteem The stress and anxiety are lowered daily, thereby increasing the overall emotional health of the person.

How Do You Practice Meditation for Peace?

Meditation for beginners is achieved by listening to the audio sessions, thereby making it a habit and doing it regularly without the help of a guide.

Why is Meditation for Peace hard?

Meditation for peace is hard because it involves training the mind and body and bringing it totally under one's control to be free of everything and anything.

How to deal with Anxiety?

The best way to conquer anxiety is to practice Chit Shakthi on a daily basis.

What are the Health Benefits of Doing Meditation for Peace?

Meditation for peace gives: Increased brain functions Reduces blood pressure Aids weight loss Lowers cardiovascular risks Improves respiration and relieves allergies and asthma Relaxes the nervous system Fitness increases.