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Everyday Short Meditations

Short meditations sessions for everyday well being. These specially curated sessions by Shobhit Raj will help you with variety of issues including anger, stress, anxiety, etc.
Start the Day
3 sessions
Meditations to begin your day
Overcome Cravings
2 sessions
Meditate to resist the temptation
Working Mindfully
1 session
Be cognizant of the work
Take a Breather
3 sessions
Meditation to facilitate breaks
Heartfelt Gratitude
1 session
Meditate for a Gratitude check
3 sessions
Sessions to manage anger
3 sessions
Sessions to manage Stress
Anxiety SOS
2 sessions
Sessions to manage anxiety
Mindful Eating
2 sessions
Be aware of what you eat

Every Day Short Meditations

Meditation is often not as complicated as people believe it to be and once a few basic techniques are mastered, it can be performed almost anywhere and at any time and with these short guided meditation sessions, you will be able to learn them easily. Short meditations from time to time during the day can help you perform better at work and practice simple things like mindful eating that greatly benefit your health. You can with the various techniques of meditation control anger, engage in anxiety meditation or stress meditation or also simple meditation for relaxing on a busy day.

Features of the Pack

The mind.fit Every Day Short Meditations pack covers nine unique and challenging aspects of your life which can be conquered with these simple meditation techniques. These will help you achieve a peaceful mind throughout the day irrespective of the challenges or hardships you may face and some techniques of meditation for anxiety and depression are also discussed to help you achieve a healthier mind. The first ‘Start the Day’ pack has three sessions dealing with a few techniques of meditation for beginners to help them establish and follow a regular morning meditation routine. The ‘Overcome Cravings’ pack has two short sessions that will teach you how to accept and control your cravings and desires and even overcome them to prevent overeating or overindulgence that if done regularly, may cause health problems. The ‘Working Mindfully’ and ‘Take a Breather’ sessions combined will help you practice simple meditation techniques that will allow you to perform tasks with greater interest and efficiency and take short breaks from time to time to clear your mind and avoid exhaustion. The ‘Heartful Gratitude’ session contains certain techniques of meditation for anger and frustration and helps you let go of negative thoughts and focus on what is good in your life. The session will teach you how to practice gratitude on a daily basis. There are three packs that deal with anxiety, stress and anger and teach you self-love meditation and concentration meditation techniques to overcome these negative feelings and process them better. The last pack contains certain useful mindful eating weight loss techniques to prevent overeating and promote a healthier connection between mind and body in terms of your diet.

Pack Structure

This Every Day Short Meditations pack is a complete toolkit for anyone who wants to optimise their lives by practising simple and effective meditation techniques both at work and at home. These versatile techniques cover a wide range of important aspects from managing and controlling emotions such as anger and anxiety to lifestyle changes such as eating and sleeping better. Mindful eating techniques can also help achieve weight loss targets by helping you moderate your calorie intake. All sessions are specially curated and offer excellent and easy-to-follow instructions to help you apply these techniques better in your daily life.


This curated meditation pack has several meditation techniques that offer many health benefits. Meditation done regularly will equip you to process and eliminate negative emotions and thoughts without letting them affect your state of mind and emotional health. Since negative emotions may cause trouble sleeping for some people, these stress-reduction and anxiety-reduction meditation techniques will help you sleep better and for longer durations. The concentration techniques help you improve your focus and attention levels and you will therefore be able to boost your productivity levels and perform better at work. The mindful eating techniques will enable you to achieve better physical health by regulating calorie intake and helping you avoid unhealthy practices like binge-eating that may be detrimental to your well-being.

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