Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa on our menu? Well, it fits right in when you add some twists. With an antioxidant-rich base of carrots and beetroot, nourished with goof fats from ghee, this jaggery-sweetened halwa has the goodness of superfood dry fruits like cashews, raisins and almonds.
Time20 Min

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre441 Cal441 Cal441 Cal441 Cal
  • 7gProtein
  • 6gFat
  • 44gCarbs
  • 26gFibre


Dry Grocery

  • Almond 4 units
  • Refined Oil 1 tablespoon
  • Cashewnut (2 Piece Split) 3 units
  • Raisins 6 units
  • Jaggery 3 tablespoons
  • Cardamom Powder 1 pinch

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Beetroot 1 small piece
  • Carrot-regular 1.25 cups


  • Ghee 1 tablespoon


1In a baking tray, put some Almonds and place it in an oven for roasting at 180 degrees for 8 mins.
2Heat Oil in a pan. Add Cashews, Raisins and saute for 2 mins. Remove it to a bowl and keep aside.
3In a blender, add roughly cut Beetroot and make a paste.
4Strain the Beetroot Juice to a bowl and set aside.
5Heat Ghee in a pan. Add grated Carrot and saute properly.
6Add Jaggery and cook for 20 mins.
7Add khoa and cook till it melts.
8Add Beetroot Juice and cook for 10 mins.
9Add Cashews, Raisins and saute.
10Add Cardamom Powder and saute.
11Remove it to a serving bowl and garnish with Roasted Almond Flakes.


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.