A tea time favourite in Gujarat, the healthy snack is made with gram flour. Rolled with grated coconut, mustard seeds and complemented by curry leaves and green chilli, enjoy the flavourful khandvi guilt-free.
Time30 Min

Nutrition Info. (per serving)

ProteinFatCarbsFibre204 Cal204 Cal204 Cal204 Cal
  • 9gProtein
  • 9gFat
  • 22gCarbs
  • 4gFibre


Dry Grocery

  • Refined Oil 1.5 teaspoons
  • Mustard Seeds 0.5 teaspoons
  • Asafoetida/hing 1 pinch
  • Gram Flour/besan 0.25 cups
  • Turmeric Powder 1 pinch
  • Salt 0.5 teaspoons

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Curry Leaves 4 leafs
  • Ginger 1 small piece
  • Coconut (big) 2 teaspoons


  • Curd 0.75 cups


  • Green Chillies 1 unit
  • Green Chilli Paste 0.25 teaspoons
  • Water 0.5 glasss
  • Coriander Leaves 4 leafs


1Heat Oil in a pan. Add Mustard Seeds, Hing, Curry Leaves and let it crackle.
2Add Green Chillies and turn off the heat.
3In a bowl, add Besan, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Ginger Paste, Green Chilli Paste, Curd, Oil and Water.
4Whisk the mixture.
5Strain the mixture and pour it on a pan.
6On a slow flame, whisk the prepared mixture and continue whisking until the mixture turns thick enough.
7Grease the backside of the tray. Pour the batter over the backside of the greased steel plate and evenly distribute it.
8Once cooled, cut 1.5 inch wide and 8 inch long strips.
9Roll the strips like swiss roll.
10Arrange the rolls on a plate.
11Sprinkle the Tempering over the Khandvi.
12Garnish with chopped Coriander and grated Coconut.


We hope you had fun making it! Enjoy the meal.