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Mindfulness Library
Access our pre-recorded meditation sessions, at your convenience
5 Minute Meditations
Panic? Anxiety? We have you all covered with these short 5 minute meditations. Dive in!
8 Packs
Meditation - Foundation
Get started with meditation! This series will guide you through the basic skills of meditation and help you explore mindfulness.
6 Packs
Sleep Stories
Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these stories will help you relax to drift into a peaceful and deep sleep.
2 Packs
Yoga- Pranayama
This Pranayama series contains breath practices which have the potential to effect the gross body.
4 Packs
Meditation - Focus
It's the present that matters! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this meditation series will help you bring your attention to the present moment by improving focus and concentration.
4 Packs
Meditation - Stress Reduction
Say no to stress with this series! The various packs created by Dr. Shyam Bhat will help you manage stressful thoughts and feel more relaxed.
6 Packs
Beat the Stress Program
Say no to stress with this series! The various packs will help you manage stressful thoughts and feel more relaxed.
3 Packs
The Confidence Series
These sessions, curated by Shobhit Raj, will help you build confidence and self-esteem in various aspects of life using breath, introspection, visualization, and affirmations.
1 Pack
30 Minutes Pranayama
This will be a half an hour audio-led Pranayama class by Divya Rolla. Breath is life. Most people breathe using a small portion of their lung capacity. Regular practise of these Pranayama sessions will help the practitioner develop a healthy breathing habit which will in-turn help one achieve peace of mind and good health.
1 Pack
Yoga for Relaxation and Stress Relief
A series which will guide you through asana, pranayama and savasana addressing the body, mind and breath
1 Pack
7 days of Happiness
Spiritual coach ModMonk Anshul guides you through a beautiful journey of creating and enhancing your inner peace and happiness. Being happy is the basic right of every individual as we are innately happy beings, we just forget how to access that feeling and get stuck in a maze that makes us feel falsely worried, lonely, and unhappy. This pack is carefully crafted to help you climb the ladder of your inner subconscious to access pure happiness and peace through seven simple guided meditations. It is a 7- day journey, where on each day you will feel a wave of happiness and self-love enter into your being leaving you totally rejuvenated.
1 Pack
Everyday Short Meditations
Short meditations sessions for everyday well being. These specially curated sessions by Shobhit Raj will help you with variety of issues including anger, stress, anxiety, etc.
9 Packs
30 Minutes Yoga Nidra
This will be a half an hour audio-led Yoga NIdra class by Divya Rolla. Yoga Nidra is a powerful practise which has a profound effect on your body and mind. This practise will relax a person on all 3 levels physically, mentally and emotionally. It is one of the most easily accessible ways to reduce stress.
1 Pack
Mindfulness in Daily Life
Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present, and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. This pack will take you through various practices to help you be mindful in your everyday life
1 Pack
Difficult Emotions
This pack by Prasiddha Ramarao addresses the fact that strong emotions do not have to be scary. Emotions often tell us that we need to take care of ourselves, so denying or suppressing them harms rather than helps us. This series explores six common emotions – often seen as difficult or troublesome – utilising different techniques to work through them. Please remember that meditation is not a replacement for professional help. If you have any mental health questions or concerns, please consult a qualified mental health expert for guidance.
1 Pack
Saying Yes to Life
The meditation sessions in this pack helps us take a closer look at our default responses to life's invitations for growth. Saying “yes” to life means a lot of things in a lot of different circumstances. The basic thing that unifies all of these circumstances is to take a risk in the direction of opening oneself up and being vulnerable — to not knowing, to not being able to control an outcome. It means trusting yourself and being in the moment.
1 Pack
Falling into Sleep
If you’ve been struggling to catch some shut eye lately, meditating before bed might help. Insomnia is an unhealthy condition that plagues far too many people. Our radical lifestyle changes have significantly altered our sleep patterns, turning many of us into daytime zombies. Meditation to the rescue! Sleep meditation is a powerful tool that can help us fall asleep and stay there. This pack is created by leading yoga and meditation teacher Lara Saluja to help you return to a state of deep rest and sleep.
1 Pack
Meditation - Sleep
Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this series will help you relax to drift into a peaceful and deep sleep.
3 Packs
Sleep Stories for Kids
Meditation pack specially design for kids led by Prasiddha Ramarao comprises wonderful stories that will excite them, relax them and delight them.
1 Pack
Meditation for Kids
This series led by Prasiddha Ramarao would serve as a wonderful start for your child's meditation journey. The language is simple and engaging and something that would captures a child's imagination
3 Packs
Relationship Healing
This meditation pack on Relationships created by Spiritual Coach ModMonk Anshul will take you on a journey of bonding with yourself and will help in building a bridge of love, forgiveness, and acceptance with everyone around you.
1 Pack
Meditation - Yoga Nidra
This series uses the pre-meditative practices of Yoga Nidra to help deepen relaxation. You are bound to wake up refreshed!
4 Packs
Music for Mindfulness
Music for the mind! Stress, sleep or focus, let music cover it all.
3 Packs
Yoga Nidra by Shobhit Raj
Join Shobhit Raj for a 45-minute audio guided Yoga Nidra, a powerful practice which holds the key to inner transformation.
1 Pack
Walking Meditation
A guide to walking mindfully, transforming the simple act of walking by staying present in the moment- created by Dr Shyam Bhat
1 Pack
Breathing Practices
Join Shobhit Raj for a 45-minute audio guided Pranayama, in a holistic session of joint warmup, spinal activation, Pranayama practise or breath work, seated stillness and relaxation
1 Pack
A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)
This series by Anvita Dixit focuses on the foundational Meditation techniques of breath awareness, body consciousness and Visualisation. It serves as a toolkit for a beginner practitioner to get started with a regular Meditation practice.
1 Pack
Yoga - Endurance
1 Pack
Happiness by Nithya Shanti
A meditation series by Nithya Shanti on the small yet significant aspects of life. This series will help in appreciating the joy derived from the smallest aspects of life.
1 Pack
Emotional health in a global crisis
The world is facing an unprecedented situation and we are all feeling the effects on our emotional health. In these sessions, Dr. Shyam shares practices and insights that will help you deal with the stress and anxiety of today's times
1 Pack
Chit Shakti Meditation
Created by Sadhguru, the Chit Shakti meditations encourage us to use the power of our minds to create the life that we desire. The four guided meditations in this series will help you manifest love, health, peace and success in your life.
4 Packs
Meditation - Intermediate
Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these meditations are your next step  after the foundation series! Learn to handle distractions and mind wandering, and discover the power of  “metacognition”.
4 Packs
Meditation - Relationships
Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, these guided meditations will enhance and renew your relationships, and help you heal from a breakup, by connecting with love, empathy, forgiveness and compassion!
4 Packs
Personal Growth
Learn to love yourself! Jump right in to discover the power of self esteem with meditation, created by Dr.Shyam Bhat.
2 Packs
Practice Gratitude
The mother of all emotions! Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat, this series will help you develop gratitude and thankfulness in your life
2 Packs
Practice Meditation - Advanced
Continue your practice of meditation with less guidance and more silence. Best done after completion of the Foundation and Intermediate series. Created by Dr.Shyam Bhat.
1 Pack
The Asana Library
Browse our extensive yoga asana library, with a vast collection of postures with clear instructions on how to get into it, how to safely get out of it, and their benefits
5 Packs

What Is Mindfulness?

Whether we agree or not, we live in a distracted world. Besides living in a competitive environment that exerts all kinds of pressures like that of our job, family, etc., there is the very familiar temptation of social media that bombards us with more information that’s more often than not stressful. Unknowingly, with all these challenges, we are not only neglecting ourselves, worrying excessively about the future & ruminating over the past, but also letting ourselves become vulnerable to the risk of heart diseases and other illnesses. So how do we stop being distracted and calm ourselves? The key to this is practicing mindfulness. For once, it would be nice to let yourself feel the present without wandering too much into the times that have passed or are yet to come. Mindfulness is much more than just paying attention to the present moment. It is the art that teaches you how to guide your thoughts, emotions, and reactions to this present moment. It is about knowing how to respond to current experiences. Practicing mindfulness is about being free from strong emotions and having a quality response to the situation that you are experiencing right now. It is also about maintaining a level of detachedness while responding to a situation without any desire to change or oppose it.

What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness?

A healthy mind is a happy mind! Consistently practicing this state of ‘in-present’ awareness and guiding your responses has several benefits for the body as well as the mind, some of which are even scientifically proven. These include: Reduces anxiety: Mindfulness helps you in calming yourself and controlling your responses to situations, however stressful they may be. It teaches you to assess any said situation before responding. This helps in improving stress reactivity and the release of the stress hormone cortisol and inflammatory chemicals like cytokines that have a negative impact on the blood pressure and heart health. Helps in improving your physical health: When you learn the technique of mind management through mindfulness and reduce the harmful physiological effects that stress and anxiety have on your body, your physical health and well being is greatly improved. You experience optimum blood pressure, reduction in chronic pains and gastrointestinal issues, and lowered risk of heart diseases. Improves mental health: When you are more aware of your reactions in different situations and cope well with situations, it helps in alleviating your mental health to a great extent. Not only this, but practicing mindfulness also helps in reducing the risk of conditions that may result from stressful situations like substance abuse, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.

What Are The Types Of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness focuses on being aware of your physical, emotional, and sensory reactions at all times. These decide the types of mindfulness that include: Breathing space mindfulness: This revolves around pausing and creating a mindful awareness of your breathing in a situation. This involves practicing breath in and breath out each time your mind wanders and in situations where you pre-empt an impulsive reaction. This includes techniques like pranayama meditation. Mindfulness of thoughts: This is being aware of the thoughts arising in your mind as a result of a certain situation or by way of rumination. It involves creating a peaceful mind and learning how to distance yourself from your thoughts and allowing them to come, go, and pass without judging or getting too attached to them. Body scan mindfulness: This type of mindfulness involves being aware of the sensations that your body feels in different situations or even at rest. It allows you to scan your body to search for areas that are experiencing tension and learning how to release it. This includes tai chi, yoga meditation, etc.

How Does Mindfulness Help In Daily Routine Life?

Mindfulness plays a very effective role in directing your attention and energy to the present and brings forth several physical and emotional benefits in your daily life. These include: Boosts attention span: When we have a happy mind that’s liberated from stressful thoughts and distractive wanderings, we free up space for things that matter and can to focus on them. We can to hold our attention on things that will help us and others around us grow. Induces creativity: Only a healthy mind can help and support divergent and convergent thinking. This has a direct impact on our creativity at work and in inducing personal wholesomeness. Reduces the risk of addictions: Freeing up your mind of overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden thoughts reduces the risk of reaching out to addictive stimulants. Mindfulness makes you aware of the triggers for addictive behaviour and catches your impulse to either try drugs, binge eat and other risky behaviours. Improves sleep patterns: By freeing your mind of thoughts about the past and future especially during the night, mindfulness helps relax your body at sleep time. It releases tension and lets you have a calm mind for a peaceful sleep.

How Guided Mindfulness Helps Your Mind?

Reduces stress and anxiety: This improvement in stress and anxiety levels impacts us at both professional and personal levels. Minus these feelings and an improved mood, you become a more productive employee and a happier person to be around. It slows neurodegenerative diseases: When we eliminate stress and anxiety from our mind by practicing mindfulness, we allow the brain and its chemicals to change. This helps in slowing down age-related cognitive disorders and decline as evident in conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Improves emotional health: mindfulness has a long-term impact on the negative thoughts that you experience. The mind-relaxing techniques help you in having a positive body image by improving self-awareness. It helps reduce self-defeating and negative thoughts and instils positivity and confidence.

How Do You Practice Mindfulness?

While mindfulness seems easy, it isn’t all that easy. Especially mindfulness for beginners. The key is to decide to get started and be consistent in practicing it in this way: Find a calm corner and a comfortable place to sit for practicing mindfulness meditation. You should not be surrounded by any distractions here. Set a time limit depending on your schedule for your mindfulness exercises. If you are just beginning, start with short time limits like 5 or 7 minutes. Your techniques should be the ones that you are most comfortable with. It could be tai chi, pranayama, yoga meditation, or simply listening to relaxing music. Notice the state of your meditative mind and sensations in the body. Also, feel your breath. This awareness is the key to mindfulness. Allow yourself to do nothing for the duration of the time limit that you have set. Notice when your mind wanders and what distracts it. Gently return to the present and focus your mind while being kind to yourself and without judging your thoughts. Be consistent with mindfulness meditation to let it become a part of your life.

What Are The Three Components Of Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has several elements that are key to its practice and sustenance as a part of life like: The conscious awareness of what we are experiencing and driving our attention to it. Being present in the moment without being too caught up in the past or the future. An attitude of calmness and balance without any preconceived notions, expectations, judgement, or close-mindedness. You should have a peaceful mind and your attitude should be of willingness, curiosity, and compassion.

Why is mindfulness so hard?

Attaining the state of fluid and happy mind is not as easy as it sounds. Nor is it easy to train your mind how and what to think. It is in the nature of our mind to wander to random thoughts. Secondly, people find it extremely hard to be alone with their thoughts. In this age of virtual engagement, we are surrounded by millions of voices and noise that we have forgotten how to remain in solitude and exercise our mind power. Thirdly, mindfulness is not instant. It needs practice for months if not years to get into this liberated frame of a peaceful mind.

Is mindfulness good for anxiety?

Mindfulness meditation is one of the few ways that put our mind to rest and liberates us when we get stuck in the rigmarole of overwhelming feelings of anxiety and negativity. Repeated episodes of stress and anxiety become a habit that is detrimental to our mental and physiological health. Mindfulness puts us in touch with these feelings instead of brushing them off that lets them snowball into bigger issues. One of the most important things that mindfulness does is that it helps us recognise anxiety without being judgemental or over-analytical about these feelings. Mindfulness helps us in getting to the root of the underlying causes of our stress and anxiety. Once we understand what triggers and drives our concerns we are more mindful of them and our reactions to them. Mindfulness meditation helps us become more kind to ourselves and doesn’t let us get consumed by these feelings.

Can you teach mindfulness to children?

In this world of superfast connectedness, children and adolescents are the ones feeling the most pressure- the pressure to conform, be accepted, and yet stand out. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to let children explore the mindfulness of a meditative mind. Mindfulness for kids has several important benefits that include: It decreases their levels of stress whether personal or at school and in turn helps lowering their aggression, disruptive behaviour, and the risk of risky behaviours. Mindfulness helps children inculcate mind power that helps them increase their focus, compassion, and self-control. Mind relaxing techniques used while practicing mindfulness and being consistent with them helps children improve their classroom participation and academic performance. Ways to teach mindfulness to children: Teach them to communicate whatever be their feelings. Whether they are sad, angry, happy, disappointed, or challenged in any way, they should learn how to talk it out. Ask them to count three good things in their life that they are grateful for. Teach them how to develop thankfulness and gratitude for what they have. Let them start noticing how their breath feels and how their bodies respond to it. Teach them to concentrate their thoughts on something that they feel the most about and let their thoughts stay there. Tell them that it’s normal for their mind to wander, but it’s more important to come back to the peaceful state of mind.

What can we learn from mindfulness?

Here are some things that people who practice mindfulness embrace: People are imperfect and that’s okay! We all falter sometimes or the other but what’s important is you recognise your actions and reactions and sync them with the present. We start to communicate and that creates a lot of trust and connection not only with others but also with ourselves, which is the most important. Mindfulness reminds us to have fun! Once you are liberated of your weighty thoughts, you lose seriousness and learn to enjoy everything that comes your way. Mindfulness helps us forgive others for things that we thought were beyond forgiveness. It teaches us that the key to a happy mind is letting go of others’ mistakes and wrongdoings.