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In today's stressful world, gives you a place to de-stress and find a connection between your mind and body that will help you reach your overall wellness goals. Highly demanding jobs and lengthy college assignments can leave you feeling mentally and physically drained. What you need is a place that is quiet and peaceful to rejuvenate your mind while also attaining physical fitness. And we can give you just that at{

Enhance your mental health and fitness

If you don’t like lifting weights or performing high-intensity workouts but still want to lose weight, build strength and improve flexibility, try the Yoga classes at Learn different forms of yoga that is designed to improve your physical and mental health,breathing techniques endurance and your stress management abilities.

Well-experienced and certified trainers

Our professional Yoga teachers are certified and have completed a minimum of 200 hours of teaching Yoga. They have the skills and experience to inculcate in you the discipline that yoga and meditation have to offer. Whatever your overall wellness goal is, you can rely on our trainers to be focused and dedicated to helping you achieve them.

A quiet place to de-stress

They say your surroundings play an important role when trying to achieve physical wellness and peace of mind. We take this seriously at and have created a quiet, well-ventilated and beautiful ambiance will allow you to attain mindfulness and improve your meditation and yoga experience.

Finding your center

Trying to find a yoga class near you where you can learn more about the different yoga asanas? We’ve got you covered. With 7 centres spread across the city, finding a yoga class is now easier than ever. What’s more? Choosing a membership pack will give you the freedom to book a class at any of our centers that is the closest to you at a slot that suits you.

Yoga and meditation at home

We understand that it’s difficult to invest time traveling to a yoga or meditation center before or after work. Which is why we have made it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation at home through our series of free audio and video packs. These packs are designed to focus on different elements that may cause stress. Whether you’re dealing with emotional stress, physical fatigue, focus disabilities, or sleep deprivation, our packs are designed to cater to each of these issues.We’re driven to help you overcome stress through meditation while also targeting your fitness goals through yoga. Make yoga and meditation your daily workout routine for a healthy mind and body

Trial classes

Don’t want to commit without experiencing our sessions first? No problem, we offer 2 free trials classes you can take try before you choose a full membership pack. So whether you want to do yoga for weight loss or enjoy the benefits of meditation, should be your go-to place.