Meditation - Yoga Nidra

This series uses the pre-meditative practices of Yoga Nidra to help deepen relaxation. You are bound to wake up refreshed!
2 sessions
12 min
Get started with basics
7 sessions
20 min
Visualization through recollection
7 sessions
20 min
Practice the technique of Pair of Opposites
7 sessions
20 min
Practice of Sankalpa (Life goal) stage

Meditation - yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation technique, which is based on the biology of your own body. So basically, Yog Nidra is a way of emptying the contents of the mind progressively by moving down through progressive brainwave states, where there are naturally significantly fewer thoughts. YogaNidra meditation takes you to that place where the reason is empty, but by carrying through a process of brainwaves and makes you enter profoundly deep states of your consciousness. The beauty of this is that it's effortless because the body already knows how to do it. This technique gives you the space to choose your responses to life rather than formulating an automatic response.


30-minute Yoga Nidra is considered enough for a good relaxation and is deemed equal to 2 hours of deep sleep. It helps the person by: Detachment from thoughts Yoga Nidra meditation takes you to a relaxed state where your thoughts are reduced to 4 to 8 views per second. It takes you to a deep state of consciousness where you are awake, but your brain is thoughtless. It helps you focus better by working with your thoughts and emotions gently as they arise. It is considered as a stress relief meditation and the ultimate hit to eightfold path. Self connectivity: Yoga Nidra meditation serves as a pathway to freedom and opens a path to your soul. It allows you to learn something about yourself and makes you connect with your consciousness. It also helps you remove unwanted energy, understand your response, and extricate you from thoughts and feelings which no longer serve you. It connects you with your deepest self. Liberating ache and tension: This sleepless sleep technique makes you aware of the tension, stress, and worries that hold you back. It prompts the body to relax and results in less excitation. Yoga Nidra stress reduction meditation helps the body by finding a way back to oneself untouched by pain and addiction. It recovers addicts, makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable by making better choices and coping with tension. Reducing insomnia and improving sleep quality Yoga Nidra makes you sleep like a baby by slowing down the wavelengths in your mind. Morning Yoga Nidra meditation practice improves sleep quality, and night meditation practice makes you sleep more restorative. Incorporating this technique at night makes you fall asleep faster and increases your sleep time. It programs your body and mind so that the person reaches a deeper state of sleep.


To incorporate Yoga Nidra, you can follow the following procedure: Keep in mind to practice Yoga Nidra after 2-3 hours of having dinner and have a very light dinner. Firstly lie flat on your back in the most comfortable position. Close your eyes and relax and become aware of your thoughts, and breathe. Scan your body, and welcome your feelings. Take a couple of deep breaths and feel the sensation in your body. Relax and free each part of your body from head to the toe. Become aware of your body as a whole and mentally prepare to return to your normal state.

Yoga Nidra meditation benefits:

Yoga Nidra is a stress relief meditation. It relaxes the mind by relieving stress and pain and provides effective relief from depression It's easy to incorporate Yoga Nidra meditation in your daily routine and an effortless way to better health. It makes you fall asleep faster, increases your sleep time, and detoxifies your body. It offers a space to explore your inner self and encounter yourself. It allows you to learn something about yourself, connect with your consciousness, and help with creativity. It prompts the body to relax and results in less excitation and long-standing anxiety.