The Confidence Series

These sessions, curated by Shobhit Raj, will help you build confidence and self-esteem in various aspects of life using breath, introspection, visualization, and affirmations.
5 sessions
12 min
Boost confidence to reach new heights

The Confidence Series

Confidence plays a very vital role in our day-to-day lives. Confidence originates from prosperity, acknowledgement of your body and confidence in your aptitudes capacity and experience. Even after knowing the importance of confidence in life, a lot of people fails to attain this. But nothing is impossible, you can build self-confidence by meditating. Meditation can help you in cutting all the relations with the outside world which distracts you from things which are pulling you down from attaining anything. Meditation for self-confidence shows the correct directions for your actions. It is the sole method to build your confidence naturally with a strong base.


With the help of you can take sessions, curated by Shobhit Raj you can build confidence and self-esteem in various aspects of life using breath, introspection, affirmations, and visualization. With different packs available for different stages of life, you can truly experience a life full of self-appreciation and confidence. You don't need to meditate for long hours, 5-minutes are suitable for beginners. This 5-minutes meditations will help you in stopping panic attacks and anxiety. Nowadays stress is very common among peoples and creates a lot of bad effect on human minds. Stress relief meditation is now seen to be very important for boosting your self-esteem as it helps you in letting go of stressful thoughts and feelings and appreciate the present. One of the most important parts of self-esteem meditation is to practice gratitude. A little gratitude in life makes a lot of differences as it increases positivity towards our life and makes us a better person. The easiest self-worth meditation is yoga nidra for relaxation. It is basically related to getting deeper sleep, a powerful practice which holds the key to inner transformation. Meditation for confidence is a big step to follow. For beginners, it is very necessary to get guided meditation for confidence as meditation is not one or two day process but it requires consistency for the long run. Confidence boosting meditation plays a great role in every person's life from a child to an old aged man. Everyone needs to have confidence in themselves to perform their works like we need the confidence to speak in front of public, confidence for writing an exam or for a meeting. Studies have found that meditation helps in increasing social confidence, social maturity, general psychological health, etc.


The confidence series is mainly related to trusting in yourself. Trusting in your skills, beliefs and practices. Without confidence, it is very difficult to live a happy and healthy life. Confidence series is all about the practice of gratitude, getting good sleep and avoid panicking. While gratitude makes you see life and every small gift in a different perspective, Stress relief meditations will take you away from the stress, giving you a peaceful state of mind. The makes sure that it provides you varieties of sessions of improving your self-esteem through its confidence series. You can sign in to the Cult fit platform, for the effective and easy meditation packs for your boosting your morale.


The confidence series helps you to live your life without any fear and anxiety. Meditations like yoga nidra are totally awesome and easy which is very effective for relaxation and developing confidence. These series will help you to excel in your field and achieve everything that you desire. Self-Confident people usually can influence other people easily and shows a remarkable personality. Meditation for confidence is very natural and still very effective if followed properly. Confidence through meditation results in better relationships, behaviours and emotion control powers. By meditating regularly it becomes very easier to get in the zone i.e., boosting confidence as it stops negative self-talk.