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Belly Burn
These guided workouts include bodyweight exercises that will strengthen the midsection, burn belly fat and help improve your overall fitness.
6 Packs
Workout for Beginners
Get started with fitness! These guided workouts aim at helping you start exercising daily with very simple and easy-to-do exercises.
8 Packs
Weight Loss
This series is focused on high intensity workouts that will help you burn those calories and provide a lean look. The workouts here are designed to be scalable.
5 Packs
Created by Cult.Fit and Hrithik Roshan’s HRX Team, these guided workouts include exercises that focus on specific muscle groups and will address your calorie burning goals.
1 Pack
Yoga for Beginners
This Yoga For Beginner’s Pack is just what you need to ignite your passion for yoga! Whether you are a complete beginner, or have tried yoga in the past and are ready to really get going, these 5 sessions in this pack will show you the way. This course is designed for the complete beginner, so there’s no need to be wary if you have no previous yoga experience.
4 Packs
Strength and Conditioning
These workouts includes body weight movements that will help build strength and stamina and increases endurance.
3 Packs
Get Lean
These workout videos include Cardio as well as Strength Training exercises that will help enhance upper body and lower body strength.
6 Packs
Move Well
A series dedicated improving mobility and flexibility of the entire body.
1 Pack
Get Strong
These guided workout video include bodyweight exercises that will strengthen the abdomen and midsection and enhance upper body and lower body strength.
3 Packs
Arms, Chest and Back
Arms, Chest and Back muscles play a crucial role in everyday life. These workouts will help you build strong chest and back muscles along with toned arms and shoulders.
4 Packs
Stay Active
These mobility workouts will help increase your body’s range of motion and bring down overall stiffness of the body.
6 Packs
Abs, Butt and Thigh
These workouts will help strengthen the Abs, Butt and Thigh and Enhance Cardiovascular Endurance, along with working out all the other major muscle groups and parts of the body.
4 Packs
Yoga for Flexibility
The yoga poses you will practice in this pack will help you lengthen and stretch your muscles throughout the body in a safe and effective way. Do these sessions regularly to see improvements.
2 Packs
Learn to Exercise
Learn to Exercise is a pack dedicated to all the users who want to start their fitness journey.
1 Pack
Get Your Full Splits
Workouts focused on improving flexibility of the lower body as well as mobility and balance of the entire body.
1 Pack
6 Pack Abs
Essential workouts for a strong core with a focus on abs muscles. Core exercises strengthen your abs and other core muscles for better balance.
1 Pack
Building Lean Muscle
This series focuses on building lean muscle mass and is ideal for someone who's new to strength training. User level beginner, ideal for all.
1 Pack
Yoga for Weight Loss
The sessions in this pack will consist of Vinyasa Practises in which postures are performed one after the other in a smooth continuous motion. It might seem challenging at first, but please take it at your own pace and allow the body to adapt over a few classes. Vinyasa Yoga builds heat in the body and improves strength and stamina which leads to weight loss, when practiced regularly. These sessions have been created by Lara Saluja.
1 Pack
Cult Junior
Workouts curated specially for the junior members of the cult family. These workouts will focus on all parts of the body for the kids. Each workout is around 17 minute long with warm up, main workout, cooldown and stretching.
1 Pack
Morning Yoga
This pack is a combination of 6 unique Morning Yoga practice sessions to help you start your day! Stretch and strengthen! Bring energy to the body and rejuvenate the nervous system!
1 Pack
Yoga for Tight Neck and Shoulders
We spend hours in front of our computers and phones, and the repetitive movement patterns can cause neck and shoulder strain. The four sessions in this pack will take you through a Healing Yoga Sequence to Ease Neck + Shoulder Pain
1 Pack
Stretch and Release
We tend to hold a lot of stress and tension in our bodies and in these sessions we target specific muscle groups and focus on just deep long stretches for 15 mins, which will help us relax and recover.
1 Pack
Yoga for Digestion & Gut Health
This is a relevant pack in today's day and age where our food and sleep habits are erratic and they hence have a deep impact on our digestive and gut health. We all now know that our gut health affects our mood, weight, metabolism, hormones and overall health. We have 6 half hour sessions in this pack, so whether you have been enjoying eating rich foods, or been eating erratically - These sessions will aid in digestion and reset your system. Please do ensure you have eaten your last heavy meal 3 hours before doing this practice.
1 Pack
Build Your Stamina
Learn the ability to sustain the prolonged physical or mental effort. Build your stamina to push yourself, challenge yourself and eventually change yourself.
1 Pack
Healthy Spine
This spinal column provides the main support for your body, allowing you to stand, bend, and twist. It also protects the spinal cord from injury. Strong muscles are major contributor to a healthy spine. These exercises focus on strengthening and maintaining the muscles that contribute to a healthy spine.
1 Pack
Kids Yoga
Join Anishka as she takes kids between ages 5 to 10 year olds on a beautiful journey, introducing them to the practice of Yoga in a fun and engaging manner. Each session is about half an hour, Do pick the session appropriate for your child as per their age.
2 Packs
Yoga for Lower Back Pain
If you're dealing with lower back pain, yoga may be just what the doctor ordered. Yoga is a mind-body therapy that’s often recommended to treat not only back pain but the stress that accompanies it. Practicing yoga for even a half hour a day can help you gain more awareness of your body. This will help you notice where you’re holding tension and where you have imbalances. You can use this awareness to bring yourself into balance and alignment.
1 Pack
Learn Handstand Push-ups
In free-standing handstand push-ups, the core muscles and hand muscles are both used to keep the body balanced, from falling over back, forward, or to either side, and to maintain posture. This makes it a much stronger exercise for the wrist flexors, core and legs compared to regular push-ups.
1 Pack
Everyday Bedtime Yoga
The 6 gentle half hour sessions in this pack are designed as your everyday go to practice just before bedtime. It is a great remedy for those who struggle to fall asleep or are holding on to stress, anxiety or tension in the mind or body. All 6 sessions in the pack will help prepare you for a good night's rest. Alternatively you can also just use this as a simple restorative practice to improve any imbalance in the body or mind.
1 Pack
All About Arm Balances
This pack will help you move past fear, build better balance, strengthen your arm and core muscles and learn and practice arm balancing poses.
1 Pack
Relax Yoga for Stress Relief
A series which will guide you through asana, pranayama and savasana addressing the body, mind and breath
1 Pack
Get Your Pistol Squats
Workouts focused on improving the strength and toning of the lower body. Pistol squats test the strength of your core, stabilizing muscles and the entire leg from glutes to ankles.
1 Pack
Yoga - Endurance
1 Pack
Yoga - Strength
This hatha yoga series will focus on enhancing physical strength required for everyday activities.
4 Packs
Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar is a very popular yoga practice. This videos introduces us to the concept of Surya Namaskar and its benefits, It also illustrates the many different kinds of Surya Namaskar practiced in various traditions.
1 Pack
Fitness for Teenagers
Workouts for teenagers - ideal for youngsters looking to get strong or lose weight
1 Pack
Strength for Seniors
A pack for senior members within the family - these sessions contain basic body weight exercises to keep the body fit. Ideal for people aged 50 and above or for beginners to strength training.
1 Pack

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