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At, we make holistic health easy for you with fun group classes, healthy meals and accessible primary care all on a single app.
Join our fun group classes created by world-class trainers and athletes.
  • Online Personal Training
    Connect with your favourite Cult trainer to get customized workout plans & learn correct techniques and postures
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  • Online Group Classes
    Enjoy the awesome class energy working out with co-athletes. Interact with trainer & get real time feedback on technique & posture.
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    Add some fun to your fitness with Choose from a range of live fitness classes and get fit from any place of your choice.
Making health easy and accessibleExplore
Book online doctor consultations and schedule diagnostic tests @ home
  • Online Doctor Consultation
    Consult with our doctors and specialists like orthopedics, pediatricians and gynaecologists for all your medical needs with minimum wait time
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  • Online Dietician Consultation
    Our nutritionist will help you manage your health with personalised diets and fitness plans based on your lifestyle preferences
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  • Online Therapy Consultation
    Take care of your mental and emotional fitness in a safe, calm, and non-judgemental environment
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  • Online Physiotherapy Consultation
    Get help for your posture, pain and mobility issues with our experts
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Mind and Body fitnessExplore
Experience mindfulness with our guided yoga, meditation & therapy sessions.
    Relax and stay stress-free with at-home Yoga and guided Meditation sessions conducted by certified teachers with
  • Sleep
    Soothing guided meditations, stories and music that will help you sleep better.
  • Stress
    Let go of stressful thoughts and feelings with guided meditations that will relax your mind and body.
  • Focus
    Bring attention to the present moment with guided meditations that will help you focus better.
  • Online Therapy
    Take care of your mental and emotional fitness in a safe, calm, and non-judgemental environment
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