A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)

This series by Anvita Dixit focuses on the foundational Meditation techniques of breath awareness, body consciousness and Visualisation. It serves as a toolkit for a beginner practitioner to get started with a regular Meditation practice.
4 sessions
14 min
Meditation pack in Hindi

A Guide to Meditation (Hindi)

Meditation is an excellent way to get rid of negative emotions and reduce stress and anxiety that most individuals nowadays have to deal with. Meditation has several forms and techniques, and this meditation Hindi guide is designed to introduce you to a few of the popular types of meditation in Hindi. This pack is designed and presented by Anvita Dixit and offers sessions with guided meditation in Hindi and is ideal for beginners who are seeking to understand meditation meaning in Hindi.

Features of the workout

This exclusive Mind.fit Guide to Meditation (Hindi) pack gives you access to four guided meditation Hindi sessions that explore the foundational techniques of meditation including breath awareness, body consciousness and visualisation. With the help of these sessions, you will be able to learn vipassana meditation in Hindi as well as yoga nidra meditation in Hindi. These techniques will show you how to meditate for a peaceful mind and achieve mindfulness in Hindi. The first session is created to introduce you to the meaning and basics of meditation and how to practice gratitude and improve your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. The next session explains the meaning and the importance of breath awareness as a form of concentration meditation where you will be taught how to focus on your breathing only and pay attention to its rhythm as a way to calm down and relieve stress. This encourages mindfulness and will help you feel present and alive without any negative or stressful thoughts on our mind. The third session deals with the body scan technique of meditation, where you will be asked to lie down and slowly mentally scan each part of your body gradually and one by one. This is a form of body healing meditation where you will be encouraged to observe any discomfort or tension in any of the body parts and then attempt to relieve it by harmonising your body with your mind. The final session focuses on visualisation as a powerful meditation tool through which you will be able to use your imagination to understand your feelings and emotions better and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Workout Structure

This guided meditation pack is easily understood and focuses on the basics of meditation, thereby making it an ideal option to learn meditation for beginners. Each session deals with one technique only, and these introductory sessions will be excellent to prepare individuals for more advanced meditation practices such as emotions meditation or meditation sleep techniques. This pack will help you get into the habit of daily meditation and provide you with multiple simple techniques which you can do at any time and place according to your convenience. All sessions are completely beginner-friendly, and no prior experience is needed.


This guided meditation pack offers many benefits to your mental health and general well-being. Meditation is very useful in improving mental health as it helps to get rid of anxiety, jealousy, envy, hate and other such negative thoughts and feelings that may adversely affect your day-to-day functioning. Meditation is known to help individuals fall asleep faster and greatly improve the quality and duration of the sleep, making it an ideal option for those who have trouble sleeping. With regular meditation, you will also be able to control your emotions and be more present at all times, which gives you better control over your reactions and responses to certain situations. Those who meditate regularly are better equipped to handle stress and pressure without letting it affect their mental or physical health.