Get Strong - Beginner

07 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

14 minutes

Jumping Jack, Plank, Lunges

Session 2

14 minutes

Sit ups, Knee Ups, Alternating Froggers

Session 3

14 minutes

Mountain Climber , Quick Feet, Hip Bridge

Session 4

13 minutes

Jumping Jacks, Hip Bridge, Walking Jacks

Session 5

13 minutes

Sit ups, Alternating Froggers, Quick Feet

Session 6

14 minutes

Skipping Rope, Plank, Mountain Climber

Session 7

13 minutes

Sprawl, Knee Ups, Plank Walks

About this pack

These sessions will help you Get Strong! The workouts in this pack will begin with Warm Ups, move into the Main Movements and end with Cooldowns. These sessions will help you improve your overall strength!


Strengthen the Abdomen and Midsection

Enhance Upper Body and Lower Body strength