Move Well

A series dedicated improving mobility and flexibility of the entire body.
6 sessions
25 min
Improve mobility and flexibility

Flexibility Exercises

In day to day life, the body can become stiff. Moving your body is very important to release the strength build-up in the body. Stretching exercises for flexibility are the best to keep your body and joints active to prevent it from stiffness and getting sour. Take part in aerobic activities or try yoga for stretching, as a beginners' exercise for a flexible body. The Flexibility guide is designed to keep you active, fit, and flexible. It not only helps you to make your body more flexible but also makes you feel energized and keeps you motivated. Be it for Monday motivation or mid-week stress, from little steady movements and exercises, you can build motivation and a positive attitude towards the day that lies ahead.

Features of the Flexibility Exercises

With, you will get a lot of health benefits from the exercise for flexibility packs. With stretching exercises for flexibility, you can practice a good session of exercises which will increase the flexibility of the body as well as provide strength. With Move well sessions, you can work on improving the mobility, and overall flexibility of the body. It consists of various full-body stretching exercises and some movement workouts which involve the stretching and relaxing of the muscles of the body. If you are starting fresh, You can start to learn to exercise, where you will practice some basic steps that prepare your body for the deeper level workout and also increases the strength of the body. It is a beginner workout that guides you on how to do the exercise with proper technique without getting any injury. You can also start with full-body stretching exercises. This exercise works on each and every muscle, and also helps in reducing fats from the body. You can also learn to build lean muscles with all the fat melting from the functional movement exercises. Some exercises like Sit-ups, Jumping Jacks, planks, Sprawls, Push-ups, etc are for getting strong. To get strong, You will need to follow the exercises on a routine. They will strengthen the core, upper body, and lower body. Doing bodyweight exercises also helps in increasing the whole body's strength. As you dive deeper into the flexibility sessions, you will slowly learn to get your full splits. With some exercises like Seated Hamstring Stretches, Air Squats, Inchworm, It will not take time to acquire your inner strength and flexibility. If you are doing any exercise, a cool down flexibility stretch after workouts is necessary. It relieves the tension and energy build up in the body and brings it to a normal level.

Structure of Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises work on lengthening and stretching the muscles. With Practice and a little time the body develops flexibility and through flexibility, strength improves. The tension builds up in the muscles released from the exercise and gives the path for relaxation and calmness to take over. While working out, the cool-down exercises are done which acts as a transition for the body in the motion to the cooldown and normal position. provides specially designed packs for flexibility exercises which help you learn flexibility in an easy way.

Benefits of Flexibility exercises

Exercise for a flexible body releases the stiffness and tension, reduces tightness, and opens the joints. Body stretching exercises improve the posture and balance of the body. Flexibility exercises increase your physical performance and also help in gaining strength. It also helps in the relaxation of the mind providing a relaxed state of mind. The flexibility exercises prevent back pains, injuries, and balance problems. It improves muscle stability and increases the endurance capacity of the body. It keeps the body active and prevents it from becoming soggy.