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HIIT - Intermediate

HIIT - Intermediate

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack


Session 1

30 Min

Alternate Toe Touches V Stance, Jumping Jacks, Plank Holds


Session 2

30 Min

Beast Hold, Jumping T's, High plank hold


Session 3

30 Min

Lunges, Jumping Jacks, Flutter Kicks


Session 4

30 Min

Jumping T’s with Variation, Lunge Knee Drive, Leg raises


Session 5

30 Min

High Knees, Knee Push Up, Jump Rope Alternate Feet


Session 6

30 Min

Jumping Jacks, Beast Hold, Beast Load and Unload

About this pack

This pack is the intermediate level and is a progression from the Beginner's level of HIIT. The sessions are longer and will help you break down those calories. The moments are done in short bursts with short recovery which time. This will help you burn more fat with lesser time.


Burn Fat with High Intensity Interval Training

High Calorie Burn

Enhance Cardiovascular Endurance

What is HIIT Workout?

HIIT workout is the type of workout in which short bursts of intense exercises and lower-intensity exercises are done alternatively. The term HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training. For example, for a HIIT workout starter, you can sprint for 1 minute and then walk slowly for another 2 minutes. Sprint will be your intense exercise and walking will be the lower intensity exercise. Repeat this 3-minute process 5 times. This simple-sounding HIIT training can prove to be one of the best exercise to reduce belly fat.

How Effectively Can We Do HIIT Workout at Home?

HIIT workouts for beginners can be done very effectively at home as most of these fat burning exercises do not require special equipment. Some HIIT exercises like biking and jumping rope do require types of equipment (i.e. bicycle and rope) but any of these types of equipment can be easily arranged at home. Hence, it can be safely said that HIIT exercises can be done at home as effectively as any other place like the gym.

Who Can Do HIIT Workout?

HIIT workout can be done by almost anyone with good physical health. In general, anyone who is not injured or does not have any medical reason to avoid any kind of exercise can do HIIT. Sometimes, people start thinking HIIT only as a high-intensity butt exercise or thigh exercises. In fact, it is thought that only people with an athletic build can perform HIIT workout. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Health coaches change HIIT training for every person according to his or her requirement. In fact, there is a different HIIT workout for women and different men HIIT workout. People above the age of 50 can also do high intensity interval training.

Who Should Avoid HIIT Workout?

Here is a list of people who should avoid doing HIIT training: People with any kind of injury People suffering from medical conditions like osteopenia or osteoporosis People with a heart condition Women in the postpartum first 3 to 6 months People with incontinence, prolapse, or pelvic floor weakness People with suppressed immune system or any kind of sickness People who are new to exercises and jumping straight to HIIT Pregnant women should avoid any type of HIIT workout for women These people can start doing high intensity interval training once their health condition changes. They should also consult a gym expert to know what HIIT can do to boost their overall health and choose the suitable HIIT workout.

List of Best HIIT Workouts. List down all the HIIT Workouts(Bullet Points)

HIIT workout includes various exercises that focus on different muscle groups. Here is a list of the best HIIT workout: High Knees Plank Jacks Burpees Side Plank Walk Jumping Lunges Mountain Climbers Jump Squats Notice here that although HIIT exercises list is the same for all, some HIIT workout for women can differ from men HIIT workout. All you need to do is follow an expert session online or talk to an HIIT coach at the gym to know which exercise is best for you.

Explain Above mentioned workouts step wise

Here is a list of the most common and easy HIIT workouts for beginners: High Knees: This HIIT exercise is usually done for burning calories and losing weight. A 15-minute session of High Knees is considered to be one of the best Cardio exercises. It can prove beneficial in strengthening leg muscles and improving coordination and flexibility. Here is how to do this high intensity interval training: Step by step Guide: Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart from each other Move your right knee towards the chest. The thigh should be at least above the horizontal level. Place the right knee back to its original place. Now, move your left knee towards the chest. When you do it slowly, it will look like a march, Repeat the process as quickly as possible. Move your thighs as high as you can. Sets and Duration: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds rest. Repeat the HIIT set 5 times. Plank Jacks: Among the HIIT exercises list, plank jacks are probably the best combined cardio and core-strengthening HIIT. It can help in strengthening the upper body and lower body muscles. They also increase your balance, burn calories, and reduce fat. Here is how to do this HIIT cardio: Step by Step Guide: Extend your arms on a plank with your hands under the shoulders and joined feet. Make sure that your whole body is a straight line. Adjust your abs to avoid any discomfort in the lower back. Jump your feet to each side. Keeping your hands in the same position, move back your feet together by jumping again. Repeat the process of jumping. Sets and Duration: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds’ rest. Repeat the HIIT set 5 times. Burpees: It is probably the least known exercise in the HIIT exercises list. A few minutes of burpees can strengthen a number of major muscles in your body. It also strengthens heart muscles and lowers risk of other diseases such as diabetes. Here is how to do this HIIT workout: Step by Step Guide: Make a squat position. Lower down both hands just inside the feet. Place your eight on both of your hands and kick jump your body to the pushup position. Do one pushup making sure that your body remains straight. Jump back and make your feet in the starting position. Reach out both arms over the head. Jump back to the position where you started. Get back into a squat position and repeat the process. Sets and Duration: One set of 30 seconds of work and 60 seconds’ rest. Repeat the HIIT workout set 4 times. Side Plank Walk: If you find the usual Planks HIIT too boring, you can try a side plank walk. Doing this HIIT workout on a regular basis will help you in building your core and upper body. Deltoid muscles get strengthened with a side plank walk. Here is how you can do it: Step by Step Guide: Start with a plank position with hands underneath the shoulder and whole body in a straight line. Now, cross your right hand over the left, simultaneously put your left foot to the further left. Put your left hand to further left and right foot to the left. After this, you should get back in the initial position. Repeat the same process to reach the edge of the plank and the return to the same position where you started. Make sure that you keep your hips low while moving. Sets and Duration: One set of 30 seconds of work and 60 seconds’ rest. Repeat the HIIT workout set 4 times. Jumping Lunges: Exercises like squats and deadlifts are very famous for working on the lower body, one exercise that is lesser known but is equally effective is the jumping lunges. The exercises challenge your hamstrings, calves, quads, hip flexors, and glutes. Apart from burning calories, this HIIT cardio is also good for the cardiovascular system. Here is how you can do it. Step by Step Guide: While engaging your core, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move your right leg forward by taking a big step. Make sure that your arms remain on your side. Transfer your weight forward with the leg in a way that your heel touches the mat first. Lower down your body and place your leg parallel to the mat. This will be your bottom position. Jump and switch legs. You can propel your arms midair to help you move quickly. Land back to the basic position but this with the opposite leg forward. Repeat this process while switching the legs. Sets and Duration: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds’ rest. Repeat the HIIT workout set 4 times. You can increase the time period of work as the exercise becomes easier for you. Mountain Climbers: This exercise is good for building agility, core strength, and cardio endurance. The best part about mountain climbers is that it works on several different muscle groups which makes it a total-body workout. Here is how you can do it: Step-by-Step Guide: Get yourself into a plank position while distributing your weight equally between your hands and your legs. Make sure that your hands are around shoulder-width apart, your back is flat and your abs are engaged. Move your right knee towards your chest. Switch the leg, putting your right knee on the floor and pulling your left knee in the air. Inhale and exhale alternatively as you change your leg. Sets and Duration: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds’ rest. Repeat the workout set 4 times. Jump Squats: Jump squats are one of the easiest and effective HIIT exercises that can prove beneficial for the lower body. Jump squats focus on your core muscles such as abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Also, since they do not require any equipment, you can perform them at home as well. Here is a step-by-step guide to do jump squats: Step-by-Step Guide: Stand straight with a shoulder-wide gap between your legs. Bend your knees slightly. Now, come in a squat position. Engage your core muscles and jump a few inches off the floor. Descend back on the feet and resume the squat position. Without pause, continue the jump and keep repeating. Sets and Duration: One set of 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds’ rest. Repeat the workout set 4 times.

Benefits of Doing HIIT Workouts

Doing HIIT workout can have a number of health benefits. From boosting your metabolism to burning fat effectively, what HIIT is impressive. Here are some of the most important ones are: HIIT cardio can burn calories in a very short period of time. The metabolic rate increases for a long time (hours) after HIIT workout. Almost every muscle can be strengthened with the help of high intensity interval training. Oxygen consumption gets improved if you do HIIT cardio workout on a daily basis. HIIT exercises can help with blood pressure maintenance. Blood sugar can also be controlled with the help of high intensity interval training.

Disadvantages of Doing HIIT Workouts (Bullet Points)

Understanding how HIIT can affect your body will help you in following the right rules and precautions. Below are some of those disadvantages you should be aware of: When done in excess, high intensity interval training can lead to muscle sores and pain You can also get injured while performing HIIT training. Since HIIT exercises involve fast movements, it is difficult to maintain the proper form. HIIT workout is not as effective as low intensity cardio, especially for lowering heart rate. Some studies suggest that HIIT workout may increase irritability in people.

Dos & Don’ts

Dos Always perform a warm up before starting your HIIT workout. Limit your HIIT cardio workout to just 15 minutes in the beginning. Consume a protein-rich diet to complement your HIIT cardio workout. Seek consultation from an expert even for HIIT workouts for beginners. Wear comfortable clothes that help in easy movements and do not restrict your body. Take time to learn the techniques instead of just beginning the workout without proper training. Don’ts Do not overdo HIIT exercises as it can cause injury and muscle soreness. Be it women or men HIIT workout, do not lift too heavy weights to avoid injury. Do not avoid rest even during HIIT cardio as it helps in repairing muscles and help them recover from the strenuous exercises. Avoid focusing on just one muscle group and give proper time to each body part.

Things Required to Do HIIT Workout if You Are at Home & Gym? ((Bullet Points)

In most of the HIIT workout, you do not require any specific equipment. You just need the following essentials to make your HIIT session more comfortable: Yoga mat Comfortable shoes and clothes A clean towel A water bottle Rope (in some exercises)

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