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Everyday Short Meditations

Short meditations sessions for everyday well being. These specially curated sessions by Shobhit Raj will help you with variety of issues including anger, stress, anxiety, etc.
Start the Day
3 sessions
Meditations to begin your day
Overcome Cravings
2 sessions
Meditate to resist the temptation
Working Mindfully
1 session
Be cognizant of the work
Take a Breather
3 sessions
Meditation to facilitate breaks
Heartfelt Gratitude
1 session
Meditate for a Gratitude check
3 sessions
Sessions to manage anger
3 sessions
Sessions to manage Stress
Anxiety SOS
2 sessions
Sessions to manage anxiety
Mindful Eating
2 sessions
Be aware of what you eat

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that, when performed, makes you more self-aware. The primary meditation focus point is providing you with a calm mind and a sense of satisfaction. In short meditations, you observe your breath patterns, thereby attuning your mental, emotional and physical self. It provides you with a healthier sense of perspective. People often say that by meditation, you try to suppress your thoughts. But it is a myth. You do not switch off your feelings or thoughts. Instead, you learn to observe them without judgment. And this may lead to a better understanding of self-thoughts.

What is Everyday Short Meditations Workout?

The everyday short meditations workout by Cure. Fit is designed smartly to help you heal your inner-self. You will be exercising a muscle that you have never really worked on, that is, your breath, your mind, and your thoughts. A consistent practice of these short meditations will help you create mindfulness.

How effectively can we meditate at home?

This everyday short meditation package contains 9 different types of meditation sessions serving a different purpose. These can be easily performed irrespective of the place you are at. The only requirement is there should be silence around. This eases to listen to your thoughts.

Who can do these short meditation workouts?

Yes, these short meditations workout can be performed by one and all. In fact, try teaching short meditation for kids so that it becomes a part of their everyday life for the rest of their lives. You do not require any innate skills to meditate. All you need is yourself, a little dedication, optimism, and some conviction that few things are worth trying. It might start working instantly on you, or it might take time. You will experience ups and downs. So, the most important thing here is persistence. Your journey is more important than the destination.

Who should avoid everyday short meditation workouts?

If, after a long amount of trial, meditation has induced negative effects in you, then it might not be right for you. And this is alright. Research has found out 8% of individuals have faced severe anxiety, stress, depression, and unusual experiences like hallucinations after practising meditation regularly. If your case sounds similar, you can try other ways to enhance your well-being.

List of best everyday short meditation workouts

The Cure. Fit smartly curated everyday short guided meditation workouts are easy to perform and benefit you greatly in the longer run. There are nine packs in total teaching you short grounding meditation. These are named as: Start the Day Pack Overcome Cravings Pack Working Mindfully Pack Take a Breather Pack Heartfelt Gratitude Pack Anger Management Pack Stress Management Pack Anxiety Management Pack Mindful Eating Pack

Workouts Included

Here, we will be explaining, in brief, the short guided meditation workouts incorporated by the experts at Cure. Fit to help you meditate. Each session has an instructor guiding you about how to proceed, what to think, and what to feel. Let’s discuss it a bit further: The ‘Start the Day’ Pack consists of 3 sessions of 5 minutes each. This pack serves as short morning meditation to begin your day on a positive note. It teaches you basic human qualities like kindness, gratitude, and positive intention. The second pack, called the ‘Overcome Cravings’ pack, contains 2 sessions of 5-minute meditations each. The term cravings mean emotional triggers, feelings, and sensations. This pack will make you aware of such cravings, examine why they arise and help tame them. The third pack of short meditations is ‘Working Mindfully’. It has a single session of 5 minutes. It teaches you how to be productive and focused at work. The instructor here tells you to sit with your laptop and meditate instead of sitting in a posture. The fourth pack is a short breathing meditation. Again this pack contains 3 sessions of 5 minutes each. These sessions will help you build sound awareness, breath observations, and body relaxation. Basically, if you feel stressed at work during any time of the day, take a break and perform these short calming meditations to relax your mind and nervous system. The fifth pack teaches you ‘Heartfelt Gratitude’. This pack has a single session of 5 minutes. This short gratitude meditation will imbibe in you a sense of satisfaction as the instructor asks you to focus on all blessings you are bestowed upon. The sixth pack contains 3 sessions of 6 minutes each for managing anger. This pack initially lets you understand your triggers to anger through breath observation and feeling different bodily sensations. Later the pack will help you manage anger and avoid unreasonable responses to certain situations in life. The seventh pack is a short meditation for stress. The pack contains 3 sessions of 5 minutes each to help you relieve stress. The guide instructs you to focus on your breath and feel the vibrations in your body. This helps in connecting to your thoughts, feelings and knowing the root cause of stress. Eventually, as the pack ends, you will understand how to manage stress through this stress relief meditation pack. The eight pack is your short, guided meditation for anxiety. It has 2 sessions of 5 minutes each. The instructor here teaches you abdominal breathing, which is very helpful in relieving anxiety. This meditation pack will help you control your fears. The final pack teaches you about mindful eating or short mindfulness meditation. It has 2 sessions of 5 minutes each. This meditation practice will help you eat your meal with complete focus, appreciate it, feeling joyous and grateful about it.

Benefits of Meditation

There are some astounding benefits of short meditations: Gain a new perspective on life. Improvement in managing stress. Self-awareness. Living in the moment. Reduction in negative emotions. Increase in tolerance and patience. Note If you are suffering from sleep issues, try short sleep meditation for a good night meditation sleep.

Disadvantages of Meditation

There is limited research in this area. But a study in 2017 revealed the following disadvantages of short healing meditation: It might increase negative thinking. Your sensory perception might turn upside down. You might lose motivation and become anti-social. You might re-live negative emotions and memories. Some physical side effects like headaches, weakness, fatigue, dizziness can be observed. Note: Not everyone who opts for short meditation observes such adverse effects.

Do’s and Don’ts while Meditating

The Do’s of short relaxation meditation: are: Do it in a silent place. Do take the help of technology like online classes to meditate. Just do it without thinking much The Don’ts are: Do not keep too many expectations. Do not worry if your mind wanders initially. Do not consider it a quick-fix to all your issues.

Things Required to Meditate

You do not require anything fancy for a short meditation. You just need a mat, natural light, Cure. Fit subscription and a silent spot. Happy Meditating!

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