Belly Burn - Intermediate

Belly Burn - Intermediate

06 Sessions

Sessions in this pack

Session 1

14 Min

Sit ups, Lunge runner , Plank Jack Knee Drive

Session 2

15 Min

Hollow Hold, Side Plank, Quick Feet Sprawls

Session 3

14 Min

Flutter Kicks, Burpees, Plank Walks

Session 4

14 Min

Sit ups, Lunge runner , Side Plank Knee Drive

Session 5

14 Min

Hollow Hold, Burpees, Plank Jack Knee Drive

Session 6

14 Min

Flutter Kicks, Plank Walks, Quick Feet Sprawls

About this pack

Get ready to fire up that midsection in this series! Apart from primarily attacking your core and midsection, the movements will also aim at strengthening your upper and lower body. Make sure to eat clean to see maximal impact!


Enhance Upper Body and Lower Body strength

Strengthen the Abdomen and Midsection

Enhance Cardiovascular endurance