Workout for Beginners

Get started with fitness! These guided workouts aim at helping you start exercising daily with very simple and easy-to-do exercises.
6 sessions
16 min
Get started with basics
6 sessions
13 min
More variations, more challenging!
6 sessions
13 min
Dive a level deeper!
6 sessions
36 min
Take stamina to the next level
7 sessions
13 min
First step to working out
6 sessions
43 min
Challenge your limits
6 sessions
41 min
Movement to strengthen and tone lower body
5 sessions
55 min
The ultimate test of flexibility

Beginners Exercise

It is always a task to get fit if you’ve taken a really long break or never have exercised to stay fit. That said, it is never too late, to begin with your fitness goals. Whether it is to lose weight, get a leaner body or just to remain fit, Cult has an amazing curation of exercise for beginners at home. As a beginner, you can choose from a wide range of home workouts like full-body workout beginner, strength training for beginners or cardio exercise at home for beginners.

Features of this pack:

Beginner workout: Beginner I, II, III are packs for you if you’re just starting off and want short quick sessions to get your stamina up. These at home workouts for beginners are 13-16 minutes long which means you train your body for the most dynamic workouts one session at a time Build your Stamina: Stamina building includes a gym workout for beginners, cardio and weight training but in a different setup. The number of repetitions can be slowly increased and these teach you how to build endurance. Learn to Exercise: Learning to exercise teaches you how important your form is and how to prep your body for exercise each day through stretching exercises for beginners. Warming up your body and cooling down is always just as important in your exercise routine. There are various aspects of beginner workout at home without equipment and these sessions are designed for you to understand what kind of shoes and clothes you will be required to wear, how to start with warming up the body, how much to push yourself and how to get your form right. Hydration and diet are crucial while engaging in exercise for beginners to lose weight at home. Get your Pistol Squats: Pistol squats require an engaged core, balance and flexibility as well as stamina. This pack will teach you in multiple sessions how you can perfect your pistol squats without hurting your spine. This is a very dynamic exercise and requires a slow progression. Learn handstand push-ups: Handstands have a plethora of benefits and are heavily sought as a refreshing flexibility exercise. Plank holds, squat holds, glute bridges, burpees and pike push-ups are used as exercises to engage the same muscles that you will be utilising in maintaining balance while doing your handstand push-ups. Learn each of these exercises to build up a perfect way to handstand push-ups over these 6 sessions. Learn full splits: Full splits are great for those aiming at increasing flexibility in the body. These are five sessions of 55 minutes each, elaborately designed to help you reach this enviable level of flexibility over time. You will start with hip flexor stretches, child pose, dynamic pigeon stretch, seated hamstring stretch and air squats as a part of training your body for smooth stretching into a full split. At the end of these sessions, you will have improved your mobility, flexibility and balance considerably.

Benefits of beginner workout options

1. Short sessions ranging from 16-30 minutes ensure you are engaging your whole body and driving that heart rate up for a considerable amount of time. This gears you up for our signature cult sessions that last anywhere from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. 2. You get the form and postures right before introducing an intensity factor in your workouts. These can be targeted daily exercise like arms workouts, full bodyweight workout at home or exercise to increase stamina. 3. These are designed for anybody who is looking to start out on their fitness journey. Take your pick with strength training, stamina building, weight training or yoga and start now! These beginner workouts are from the safety of your home so you can make time for them at absolutely any hour. You can also use exercise for kids to engage your kids.